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10 December 2019
Icelandic Culture

Christmas traditions in Iceland

Every country has its own sets of Christmas traditions and Iceland, of course, has its own. They mostly revolve around food and books. And fireworks. So, check out this fun list of Iceland Christmas traditions.

Nicholas boots
4 December 2019
Icelandic Culture

How does Iceland celebrate Christmas?

Icelandic Christmas tradition can possibly be described as, well, traditional. It is a family festival where you eat, drink and be merry. So how is Christmas celebrated in Iceland?

Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland
28 November 2019
Practical info

Iceland with kids

It is important to choose well where to go when going on a holiday with children. As all parents know, planning a group holiday can take months of planning, and there must be something for everyone. But being in Iceland with kids is a pretty good thing, Iceland is considered very children friendly!

turf church in Iceland
25 November 2019
Icelandic Culture

History of Iceland in a timeline

The history of Iceland spans over 1000 years, and a lot has happened. We took together a few important dates for you which are useful to know. A good idea is to visit some of the places we mention during your travel in Iceland.

power plant in Iceland
30 October 2019
Icelandic Culture

How does Iceland use geothermal energy?

For modern Icelanders, geothermal energy is essential for living a comfortable life. It is hard for us to imagine how it was to live at a time when it was not used because it means hassle and cold.

Icelandic skyr
30 October 2019
Icelandic Culture

What is Icelandic yoghurt?

Skyr is one of those Icelandic things that every Icelander loves, even those who are lactose intolerant! It is one of the most popular milk-based products in Iceland and very handy on the go.

sea battle in ww2
24 October 2019
Icelandic Culture

Was Iceland in World War 2?

This year marked 70 years since Germany invaded Poland and started World War II. As you probably know, it was a global war where every continent apart from the Antarctic was affected. Early on in the war, Germany invaded Denmark and Norway.

Laki craters in Iceland
24 October 2019
Natural Wonders

Where to see tectonic plates in Iceland?

You might have heard that Iceland sits on two tectonic plates. But which tectonic plates does it sit on? Iceland sits on the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. It is the only place in the world where you can see those two tectonic plates and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge above ground.

5 October 2019
Natural Wonders

Northern Lights Season is upon us!

Finally! It is here! The Northern Lights season is here! We are very stoked. We love it. The beautiful fall colours, spectacular sunsets and then, the magnificent Northern Lights in the darkness.