27 October 2020
Natural Wonders

How does Iceland compare to Hawaii?

What's the real difference between Iceland and Hawaii? Well, read on, and you just might find out.

30 September 2020
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7 reasons why you should HATE Iceland

It wasn’t really hard to come up with a few good reasons for people to hate Iceland. It’s not all Björk, waterfalls, and Northern Lights here, you know? Iceland has its bad sides as well.

28 September 2020
Natural Wonders

The 3 Best Places to Visit in Iceland - Staff Picks!

We really don’t like to start arguments in the workplace, but when it comes to choosing the best places to visit in Iceland, all hell breaks loose. Everyone at Blue Car Rental has a favorite spot and since Iceland has so many beautiful and magical places it was very difficult to choose only 3.

26 August 2020
Icelandic Culture

What you need to know about Iceland and herring

A quiet fjord in Iceland called Siglufjörður (sailing fjord) is perhaps not where you would expect to be the center of one of the most crucial eras in Icelandic history. The herring adventure changed the nation in a significant way in the 20th century, and in Siglufjörður, you can find out how.

24 August 2020
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The top three most interesting lighthouses in Iceland

Fun Fact of the day: Iceland has over 104 lighthouses around the island. Since the Vikings
first settled Iceland, we have been a fishing nation making lighthouses an essential part of
Icelandic culture.

30 July 2020
Icelandic Culture

What’s the deal with Icelandic poetry?

Iceland has a long history of poetry and when you look at the environment you'll see that poetic inspiration isn’t hard to come by. When the nordic settlers first arrived in Iceland, it seems they wrote the famous Poetic Edda.

28 July 2020
Natural Wonders

Stuðlagil: The hidden canyon in East Iceland

Did you know that more than 85% of Iceland's energy is 100% clean and renewable? That is because in Iceland, we use geothermal and hydropower plants for all our electricity. What does that have to do with Stuðlagil, you ask?

20 May 2020
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Should you visit Iceland after COVID restrictions end?

Luckily, we Icelanders seem to be handling COVID-19 extremely well. We haven’t had any new infections recently and since we test a LOT we can be fairly certain about the situation.

6 May 2020
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Hidden gems at Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanes Peninsula is characterized by immense lava fields, volcanoes, and strong geothermal activity. The magnificent Blue Lagoon is located at the Reykjanes Peninsula and is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The rest of the area, however, is not as popular with tourists which is surprising as there are so many unusual sights worth seeing.

 The best way to explore the Reykjanes Peninsula is definitely with car.

We have listed down top things to do and see in Reykjanes Peninsula.