13 June 2022
Natural Wonders

Ready, Set, Travel: Your Guide to East Iceland

Iceland is one of the least populated countries in the world, but it is full of natural wonders to discover. One of its least populated wonders is often overlooked, but be sure to leave enough time to visit East Iceland.

7 June 2022
Driving in Iceland

How to Explore Iceland in a Rental Car

Throughout Iceland, there are many places to explore that are off the beaten path. To access the best sites, you'll need the right vehicle and a good gameplan.

3 June 2022
Icelandic Culture

Sneak a Peek at Iceland's Mysterious Hidden People: Elves!

In world mythology, every culture has its own version of hidden, often mischievous creatures. Ireland has leprechauns. Gremlins supposedly plagued British aircraft in both World Wars. For over half of the country's population, elves in Iceland are as real as you and me.

1 June 2022
Natural Wonders

Traveling to Iceland? Here's Everything You'll Want to Do!

Located between Greenland and the United Kingdom, Iceland is a country filled with magical experiences. The country's volcanic landscape is lush, green, and packed with fjords and meadows. In fact, there are so many wonderful excursions to enjoy here that you'll need to run a pretty tight itinerary if you want to fit everything in. Without further ado, here is our selective guide to the country's must-see spots and must-do activities.

28 April 2022
Natural Wonders

Visit the Icelandic National Parks for a Vacation You Won’t Forget

Iceland's natural beauty is famed, partly due to the fact that the country is one of the most volcanically active places in the world. Luckily, Iceland remains a safe vacation spot and its extensive roads make it easy to experience the best sights on offer in its three national parks.

26 April 2022
Driving in Iceland

How to Prepare for an Iceland Driving Trip

Iceland is an excellent place for road tripping, particularly when driving along the 830-mile Ring Road that circles the whole country. If this sounds amazing, read on to learn how to prepare for your Iceland trip!

25 April 2022
Practical info

When is the Best Time to Visit Iceland?

Iceland received about 700,000 visitors in 2021, which may likely double this year. It's expected that 1.3 million tourists may visit this Nordic island country in Europe this year. If you're planning to visit this "it" destination, we suggest you plan your travel in advance.

4 April 2022
Practical info

Must-Know Iceland Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers

A captivating country with a rich mythic history, Iceland is the travel scene’s new darling. So today, we’re breaking down 15 Iceland travel tips every first-time visitor should know.

29 March 2022
Icelandic Culture

5 Historic Sites to Visit in Iceland

When you make plans for your journey through the rugged beauty and historical towns of Iceland, be sure to make a stop at these five special historic sites.