Nissan X-Trail 4x4 7 seats

  • 自动挡车辆
  • 7 人数
  • 5 门
  • 四驱
  • 5 件行李
  • 相似车型
Nissan X-Trail 4x4 7 seats


12V Plug In
Heated Seats
Avg. Fuels Consumptions
6.0 l/100km
Trunk Dimensions
L:98 cm
H:85 cm
W:100 cm
Engine Size

Nissan Qashqai´s big brother has fully compatible AWD system. X-Trail is an ideal choice for 5-7 persons to drive around or through Iceland. This car has been one of our best sellers and is so for a reason. 

Keep in mind that when you rent a 7 seated vehicle and you have all 7 seats in use the luggage space is a lot lesser so you only fit about 2 medium sized luggages depending on the size of the rental car. A roof box is recommended in such cases