Everything you need to know about the volcanic eruption in Meradalir

If you’re having any doubts our concerns about your trip to Iceland due to the volcanic eruption, we are here to help. To put it simply, this eruption, at least to those that are interested, is an even bigger reason to visit the land of fire and ice! 

Volcano in Iceland

Is it safe to travel to Iceland?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to travel to Iceland. The eruption is having no impact on flights or transportation. It is extremely unlikely to have any impact at all going forward.

What happens if my flight is cancelled due to the volcanic eruption?

While that is highly unlikely, our cancellation policy is extremely flexible and in the case of sudden disturbances to flight schedule due to the eruption, we will work things out with all of our customers.

Where is the eruption happening?

It is happening roughly within the same area as the last eruption in Fagradalsfjall, just a little bit further inland from the old craters. This is highly convenient as visitors can follow the same paths to the new eruption site.

The eruption from last year caused no travel or transportation issues and the very same thing is happening again. The location of the eruption is in Meradalir which is not far away from the town of Grindavík and the Blue Lagoon. It takes about 30 minutes to get to from the airport and about 40 minutes from Reykjavík.

Is it safe to visit the eruption site?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to visit it as long as you follow the guidelines issued by authorities. You can find more information in our blog here and there are also plenty of information available on https://safetravel.is/

Keep in mind that the hike is about 7 km (4,3 miles) each way through rugged terrain. We recommend all travelers to check out this facebook site for live updates of the eurption, before traveling there.