Kia Sorento 4x4 DIESEL 7 seats

  • 自动挡车辆
  • 7 人数
  • 5 门
  • 四驱
  • 5 件行李
Kia Sorento 4x4 DIESEL 7 seats


12V Plug In
Heated Seats
Avg. Fuels Consumptions
6.6 L/100km
Trunk Dimensions
L:98 cm
H:80 cm
W:110 cm
Engine Size

Most people are surprised with our favourite option – Sorento. It is great on the roads, fun to drive and has very good comfort. The car is large and has large trunk for your luggage. You will not be disappointed with Kia Sorento.


Keep in mind that when you rent a 7 seated vehicle and you have all 7 seats in use the luggage space is a lot lesser so you only fit about 2 medium sized luggages depending on the size of the rental car. A roof box is recommended in such cases


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