5 Must-Visit Hot Springs in Iceland

Did you know that there are more than 45 natural hot springs in Iceland that you can visit by driving your car? 

If you love bathing in mineral pools, then Iceland is one of the best countries on the planet to visit. Not only does it have more than other destinations, but it also has some of the most unique in existence. 

If you want to find out about the best spots to soak your feet in Iceland, read on, and we'll tell you about the top five that you absolutely can't miss. 

Blue Lagoon Iceland

1. Blue Lagoon: One of the Most Popular Hot Springs in Iceland

Many people say that if you only end up driving to one place in all of Iceland, this one should be it. Along with Kvernufoss waterfall, these are some of the country's best destinations. 

One of the great things about Blue Lagoon is that it's less than 20 minutes away from the Keflavik Airport by car, meaning that it's easy to travel to it. Interestingly, the pool was initially formed by a neighboring chemical plant. 

2. Driving to Geosea Sea Baths Is Well-Worth the Trip

It is a can’t-miss spot in Iceland if you're looking for a more upscale experience with a great view. These Geosea Sea Baths are located in northern Iceland and are one of the best places to have a fantastic view. 

The sea baths overlook the ocean, which means that you can soak your feet while also doing some whale watching

3. The Perfect Location: Seljavallalaug Hot Springs

These pools are tucked in the mountains of the south part of the country, and you have to hike to get there. Thankfully it is a short and scenic hike that most people say is one of the most memorable parts of the visit. 

The pools at Seljavallalaug are more rustic than others in the country. This is what some people love about them, but others prefer to visit more developed places. 

Iceland hot spring

4. Reykjadalur Hot Springs: a Memorable River-Side Spot

Reykjadalur is a fantastic spot, but it is not for everybody. Getting there requires a one-hour hike. Thankfully those who make the trek usually won't regret it. 

The waters at Reykjadalur are not pools but are flowing rivers. This is why the destination is popular with photographers who want to take memorable photos during their vacations. 

5. Krossneslaug Hot Springs: An off the Beaten Track Gem

These pools, located on the north-eastern side of the Westfjord, are more developed than other places. Visitors come to enjoy the extreme heat of the water, which might be too much to handle for some people.

The views surrounding Krossneslaug are fantastic, and there are many pools that you can bathe in if you dare. 

Why Not Take Your Car and Visit All of Iceland’s Top Hot Springs?

The easiest way to visit hot springs in Iceland is by driving. The country's roads are great, and the views are spectacular. 

Even if you don't have time to visit all of these top sites in the country, why not take time to visit one of the water getaways while on your way to one of Iceland's many incredible destinations?

If you want to know more about visiting Iceland by car, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you make your dream into reality. 

Geyser in Iceland

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