Who are we?

Blue Car Rental was founded in 2010. We are the largest local car rental in Iceland and although we offer a car rental service we are so much more than that. The car rental industry is complex and Iceland as a destination is very unique. And we get that. We know that the car is a vital part of your trip and with the newest car fleet in Iceland and close to 100 employees we put transparency, safety and the customer journey on top of everything. Like you, we just want to get on the road and to our next destination after a long trip. Like you we want a safe car and responsive service whenever we need assistance. Like you we want a seemless pick up and drop off experience. Our products and services are made with that in mind in order to meet your expectations

What is our goal?

ZERO contact delivery – ZERO waiting time at the counter – ZERO worries

Our goal is always to meet and exceed the ever changing customer demand and expectations. Our Zero Policy ensuring Zero Waiting Time and Zero Contact Delivery does just that and shows where our focus lies. We always aim to be ahead of the curve and lead the way in our industry with exceptional service and innovative and smart solutions.

What do we do?

Our core business and end product is a car rental delivery. Yet the customer’s journey from entering our website to returning the car is where our focus lies. We always put the customer needs and requirements on top and meet them with our innovative solutions in an otherwise outdated industry. By bringing the entire rental process from the desk to your device we get rid of the number one pain when traveling, waiting in line. But we don‘t stop there. As a destination, Iceland is unique and unlike other countries. The average traveler doesn‘t just stop by over the weekend or stays in the same city. The average traveler goes out and explores the whole country and travels long distances. And we embrace that. Providing a vast selection of 4x4 vehicles, the newest car rental fleet in Iceland, 24/7 roadside assistance and a detailed database for safe traveling, we make sure that you feel safe and confident with Blue Car Rental.