Online Check-in

We understand that time is valuable when traveling. That is why Blue Car Rental offers all customers to save time by checking in online before arriving at our office. This eliminates the on-site rental process entirely. Through the online check-in, you are able to finalize the entire car rental process getting you on the road quicker than ever before and quicker than anywhere else!

When you go through our online check-in process you get all the necessary information regarding your car rental in writing. That brings the time you need to listen to our staff´s explanation about the rental, the car, driving in Iceland, and safety down to zero and leaves you with more time to do something a lot more fun instead.

  • Note: Our customers who go through the online check-in process and have a Liability Waiver can also have their car keys delivered through a key-box.

By going through our online check-in process the only thing you will need to do on arrival is pick up your keys, locate your rental car just outside our office and drive away into your Icelandic adventure. 

How to check-in online:

  1. You will receive an email when the online check-in opens, about 7 days before your rental
  2. Go through the check-in process
  3. Confirm your information and rental agreement
  4. Receive your QR code for zero waiting time and zero contact delivery 
    • By adding our Liability Waiver our customers who go through the online check-in process at least 24 hours before arrival can also request the car keys to be delivered through a key box.

Where to check-in online: 

Online check-in is available for both our locations.

  • Keflavik International Airport.
  • Reykjavik City Office.

Why checking in online:

  • Online check-in offers great benefits to customers.
  • Saving time by finalizing the entire rental process before arrival.
  • Ensure No-Contact delivery.
  • Chance to make final adjustments to the booking.