Electric Cars in Iceland


If you‘re looking for an eco-friendly vacation in Iceland, you are in luck. We got just the right option for you!

Blue Car Rental has added Electric Vehicles (EV) to its rental car's selection. Giving customers the opportunity for a fully electric self-drive tour in Iceland. We are proud to contribute towards sustainable tourism and assist our customers with reducing their carbon footprint while traveling.

Guidance for Electric Cars

Below you will find useful information about renting an EV in Iceland

Pick up - Drop off
Customers can collect and return EV's at our offices at Keflavik International Airport and at Reykjavik City office. Customers will receive the car with 70% charging or more. At the return of the car the renter must return the car 70% charged. If the the electric car is returned back with less than 70% a charging and administration fee can be charged of total 25.000 ISK. 

EV Driving Range
The driving range of the EV is shown on the dashboard when started. Road conditions, weather, temperature, and the total weight of the vehicle, with passengers and luggage can affect the driving range so you should assume that the car can drive up to 80% of the km shown in the dashboard. 

The displayed driving range is an estimation and should only be used as guidance.

All our EV´s have a listed long-range of 400 km and more.

Charging Equipment
Our EV's are equipped with a 'Type 2° charging cable. Customers can use the cable to connect to charging stations around Iceland. Lost or damage to the cable will result in a fee of 65.000 ISK.

We recommend drivers locate charging stations before traveling and estimate the driving range accordingly. 

How to charge your EV

EV´s are charged when plugged into a charging point, using a special cable which connects the vehicle to a charging station. One end of the cable is attached to a portal on the side of the vehicle and the other to the charging station.

The charging port is located on side of the vehicle. Much like a fuel cap on non-EV´s. Most car makers place the charging port on the driver side of the vehicle.

The charging port is opened by pushing a button inside the vehicle, on the main screen, or taping on the cap itself from the outside.

Every EV comes with a fast-charging cable which drivers can use for charging where there is no cable attached to the station.

Depending on which station is used it is possible to start charging by plugging in, using an app, contactless and or RIFD card.

How can I find charging stations?
Charging stations are found all over of Iceland. In our cars we have a sticker with QR which will lead you to our safety website. There you can find a map with all 50kW charging stations. Here you can find a map with all kind of charging stations.

Where can I charge my EV?
There are serval options available for charging at stations around Iceland. Renters are free to use service from any public charging station. Most common are N1, ON and Isorka. At larger stations cables are attached to the station. They are often associated with service gas stations. At smaller stations drivers need to use their own Type 2 cable. Smaller stations are found at various locations. For example, at self-service gas stations, parking lots, and other rest stops. Many accommodations also have charging station available for guests.

How can I pay for charging?
There are a few ways to pay for charging. The payment method depends on which station is used.
At most N1 stations, customers can use payment card to pay for the charging.
At On stations, customers will have to use a key to activate the charging. The key works similar to a fuel chip at gas stations and is provide by Blue Car Rental. The key can also be used at N1 station, where card payment is unavailable. In case of issues with charging please contact ON by phone for assistance: .354 591 2700
At Isorka, customers can download an app and register as a client. Once the Isorka account is active customers can use the app to pay for the charging. Direct payment is also possible by using the QR-code on the charging stations.

How long does charging take?
The charging time depends on how powerful the station is. The range is from 6.6kW up to 250kW. On average most stations are between 20kW and 50kW. The more powerful the station is the faster it can charge. We recommend you to use 50kW stations, we have listed them on the map found on www.safe.bluecarrental.is and through the QR code found on the sticker inside each of our cars. 

There you'll find all 50kW stations called either DC or CCS/SAE and get directions to the the nearest station. The charging on those sations takes approx. 0.5 - 1 hour. 

Are electric vehicles allowed on F-roads (highaland roads) ?
Our electric vehicles comes either 2WD or AWD. We do not allow EV vehivles on the F-roads in Iceland even though they are AWD.

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