We can’t only have fun. We need practical info too. How can you walk on ice without looking stupid? What should you pack for a holiday in Iceland? Is the country expensive and where are the puffins? Iceland isn’t really like other countries in some ways. So, it’s great to know some practical information before you arrive. Here, we post what we feel are necessary travel information. But in between, we´ll try to make you laugh.

flag of Iceland with shape of Iceland
1 February 2019
Practical info

Where is Iceland “On the Map”?

Let’s talk about two things: where is Iceland on the World map, and what events have put Iceland “on the map”?

turf houses in Iceland
16 January 2019
Driving in Iceland
Practical info

A Memorable Iceland Vacation

When planning a vacation in Iceland, it is essential to make time for relaxation and spontaneity.

Árbæjarsafn museum
23 November 2018
Icelandic Culture
Practical info

Is Iceland safe?

According to the Global Peace Index by the Institute of Economics and Peace, Iceland is the safest country on Earth. Iceland has ranked number one for 10 years in a row. But why?

Gullfoss water fall in winter
9 November 2018
Practical info

The Icelandic Winter Weather - a short overview

You can be certain that there is nothing certain about Icelandic winter weather. It is as unpredictable as a young child’s moods – sweet and joyful one minute, a rollicking tantrum the next.

9 November 2018
Practical info

Does Iceland have mosquitoes?

According to the Icelandic Web of Science, Iceland is home to 1,600 species of dryland animals. Despite this diversity, there is one species missing – the mosquito! Yes, Iceland is one of the few countries in the world that is mosquito-free.

rental car in front of Blue Lagoon Iceland
2 October 2018
Driving in Iceland
Practical info

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Iceland?

A lot of our customers ask us how long it takes to drive around Iceland and the answer is always the same: “Oh dear, hmmm … 2-100 days?” It’s an impossible question to answer.

5 September 2018
Practical info

A Guide to Tipping in Iceland

We know that some people want to know every little thing before they travel abroad. Maybe it’s social anxiety, maybe people want everything to be perfect. We totally understand you and made this guide.

Liz Connor FeelingBlue winner
27 August 2018
Driving in Iceland
Practical info

#FeelingBlue Winner Announcement!

We have a winner! Our #FeelingBlue video contest was immensely popular and after reviewing all the entries we've chosen Liz Connor as a winner.

12 July 2018
Practical info

Fast food places in Reykjavík you should know about

Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and everybody loves it. Icelanders love fast food a lot, and there are quite a few places to choose from. We made a list with a few of them.