5 Tips For a Faster Car Rental Service at Kef Airport

Blue car rental staff handing over a key to a rental car at kef airport.

You have arrived in Iceland and of course you’re eager to start exploring as soon as possible. So, what’s the fastest way to pick up a rental car at the airport in Iceland?

There’s no need to waste your precious travel time at Kef airport. You didn’t come here to see that. You’re here for the amazing scenery. Here are a few simple travel tips that will give you a great head start to your adventure in Iceland.


What to avoid in Iceland?

Before going over what will speed up the process, let’s have a look at things that will slow you down and want to avoid.

Lines: Is there anything more annoying than standing in line? Waiting for service can be frustrating, especially when you’re traveling as you have limited time. So, you definitely want to avoid standing in line. You didn’t travel all the way to Iceland for that.

Searching: Have your trip mapped out and information at hand. There’s no need spending time in Iceland searching for something you already know. That’s valuable travel time going to waste when you could be having fun.

Misunderstanding: Everyone in Iceland speaks English. All information will be available in English. Do not assume, you can use any other language than Icelandic or English. Stick to English and don’t spend time on hopeless translations.


The Fastest Way to the Roads in Iceland

1. Prepaid order:

You can save an incredible amount of time by paying your car rental in Iceland before arrival. Keeping the wallet in your pocket not only saves you time, but it can also save you a ton of money. Making it not only faster but also a cheaper option for your rental car service in Iceland. 

2. Walking to the car rental.

Kef Airport is probably the smallest international airport you’ll ever visit. I recommend walking the short distance from the terminal to the car rental office. It is much faster than finding the shuttle bus stop, waiting and taking a tour around the airport area.

If the weather is extremely bad, I recommend sending one driver to pick up the car and return for the group. Again, it is a very small airport, and you’ll have no problem navigating it.

Walking over will not only get you to your rental car in Iceland much faster, but you’ll also be ahead of a wave of customers from the bus.

keybox pick up at blue car rental office kef airport
Try Blue Car Rental super fast keybox pick up delivery at Kef Airport office.

3. Online Check-in

The most time saving feature on this list is completing an online check-in for your car rental in Iceland. More associated with airlines but, since you are arriving at the airport in Reykjavik, you should be familiar with the process.  

This clever customer service has now been adopted to car rentals in Iceland. Allowing you to finish all the details of your rental. Including signing the rental agreement.

With no paperwork left, all waiting at the office is eliminated. You’ll receive a code to your keys and can go straight to your rental car in Iceland, without any delay.


4. All coverage insurance

You may wonder, how is having insurance for your rental car in Iceland going to get you faster from the airport. By personal experience I can tell you that those who do not have everything covered spend a lot of time at the parking lot examining their rental car.

So, instead of wasting your vacation time in Iceland, inspecting your rental car and worrying about every little scratch and dent. I recommend opting for a carefree experience instead of going back and forth to the office. Starting your carefree holiday in Iceland as soon as you get the car.

5. Scan the code

Speaking of just going straight on the road in Iceland. With Blue Car Rental you’ve already gone through a well-crafted safety protocol during the online check-in. So there’s no need to listen to a safety speech from the staff.

But, in case you need further information on your trip, just scan the code on the dashboard. It will take you to a special safe driving app. There you’ll find all the information needed for your trip and more.

So, before you start running back to the office, just scan the code and start your trip. Iceland awaits, don´t waste time on pointless chats at the office.


Iceland blue car rental fast service
Spend less time waiting and more enjoying Iceland.


Let’s face it, nobody wants to hang out at an airport, let alone when visiting a place like Iceland. By following these simple steps, you can avoid waiting in lines and getting on the road faster than ever before.

Get exploring the land of ice and fire in the quickest and most convenient way possible. Spend less time at Kef Airport and more at places like Thingvellir national park, Geysir hot springs or Reynisfjara Black sand beach.

Just make sure, once you’re out of the airport, to take time to enjoy Iceland. Whether you’re visiting Jökulsárlón or Skaftafell national park, or seeing all the amazing waterfalls.

Please see our blog and can find more Practical Info and articles about Driving in Iceland.









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