Car Rental at Iceland Airport: Unlocking the Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland rental car at seljalandsfoss waterfall
Drive from Iceland Airport and into the wild - Ondrej

Embark on a memorable journey the moment you touch down in Iceland. Looking for an airport car rental in Iceland that seamlessly transitions you from the skies to the scenic roads? Blue Car Rental is your gateway to the island's wonders, right from Keflavik Airport.

Navigating airport car rental in Iceland is a breeze, especially when you start and end your journey at Iceland Airport with Blue Car Rental.

Arriving at Keflavik Airport

Keflavik International airport is often referred as Reykjavik or Reykjavik Airport when shown on information screens around the world. This is however rather inaccurate information. Keflavik airport is not in Reykjavik and to make matter worse there is another airport in Iceland called Reykjavik Airport, which serves only domestic flights and flights from Iceland to Greenland the Fareo Islands.

So, when you arrive to Iceland you are in the city of Keflavik, at Reykjanes Peninsula. That’s about 35 km (21 mi) from Reykjavik. You are actually much closer to the Blue Lagoon and Fagradalsfjall volcano than you are to Reykjavik.


Blue Car Rental at Iceland Airport

Obviously, you want to see more of Iceland than just the airport. And of course you want the best car rental service in Iceland. So, the next step is getting to Blue car rental office. Like other car rentals at the airport in Iceland, Blue Car Rental office is not in the terminal. It is right next to Iceland´s airport, at Blikavellir 3 and you can either walk to us or take the shuttle bus.

If you have ever been at an airport before this should sound familiar. This is one of the few things you will experience in Iceland that is just like the rest of the world. The rest of Iceland is not.

In summer we recommend walking over. It will save you vacation time, not waiting for the bus. If you have an evening flight it can be your first walk in Iceland´s the midnight sun. However, you might want to wait for the airport shuttle in winter as the winter in Iceland can be cold, dark, and snowy.

Blue Car rental Keflavik airport
Blue Car rental Keflavik airport office.

Best Car Rental in Iceland

Now you are one step closer to starting your Iceland adventure. When you enter Blue Car Rental office at the airport in Iceland, you will immediately notice why it is the best car rental in Iceland. If you have already signed in for your booking you can collect your key from our key box pick boxes or fast track to the counter where our staff will hand you the key.

With the average waiting time under 2 minutes, you are getting on the road in Iceland faster than anywhere else in the world. Have this highly efficient service not only eliminates waiting in lines, but it also opens for much better personal service if needed from our available staff.

With the newest fleet and the greatest selection of 4x4 car rental in Iceland add, we can say with full confident that Blue Car Rental is the best car rental. Not only the best car rental at Keflavik Airport, or the best car rental in Iceland, but the best car rental service in the world.


Driving in Iceland with Blue Car Rental

When you leave the airport car rental office it is time to explore the roads in Iceland. Opting for a car rental in Iceland is your key to unlocking the island's hidden treasures, offering the freedom to explore at your own pace, all year round.

Whether it being for the Northern lights, ice covered mountains or frozen waterfalls in winter or hiking in Iceland´s highland under the midnight sun in summer. A rental car in Iceland is always your best options when visiting Iceland.

As soon as you leave the airport car rental office Blue Car Rental will follow you every step of the way, with your premium service all hours of the day, every day of the year. Whether you need road assistance or simply information about driving in Iceland, we are always happy to help. Even if it is only to help you find the Golden Circle, Seljalandsfoss waterfall or any other amazing sites and natural wonders in Iceland.

Keybox at blue car rental office airport.
Skip the line - Use our Keybox option for you car rental pick up and drop off.

Returning at Iceland Airport

At the end of your Iceland road trip, we will of course greed you with the same excellent service as you have enjoyed from the moment you booked with Blue Car Rental. The drop off process is even easier than the car rental pick up.

If you have all insurances, simply leave the car outside in front of the office and return the key. No need to sign anything, just remember to take your personal belongings and had to Keflavik airport. Either walking or by the shuttle. We will send you a confirmation a few moments later by e-mail, so you can continue your carefree Iceland vacation.


Airport car rental in Iceland is easy and convenient. There is only one international airport in Iceland, so it is extremely handy to collect and return your Iceland car rental. Just make sure to select Blue Car Rental for your trip.

We of course highly recommend taking advantage of our Zero worry, full coverage insurances and online check-in option, for a carefree and seamless Iceland vacation.

For more Practical info and travel tips, please visit our Blog and learn more about Driving in Iceland.







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