Our secret recipe for Icelandic Presidential Cookies

In the late 1800’s, a woman named Jakobína Thomsen lived in Bessastaðir and she originally made the recipe for the “Bessastaðakökur” (cakes of Bessastaðir). Some of the Icelandic presidents have served them to their guests since they’re delicious!

For how long is it bright outside in Iceland during winter?

We often get asked for how long it’s bright outside in Iceland in the winter time. In the darkest time, which is November to January, we only get a few hours of daylight. So, if you’re traveling here during that time, use your daylight hours wisely!

Blue staff's secret spots for Northern lights watching in Iceland

We love the Northern Lights! Watching them never gets old, no matter how often you see them. They’re not always visible, though. It needs to be winter and dark outside, you need to have clear skies and solar activity interacting with earth’s magnetic...

Are all attractions in Iceland open during winter?

If you’re referring to natural wonders, then no. Some parts of Iceland aren’t accessible during winter. While some tours may not be operating during winter, there are others that only operate during winter, like ice cave tours and other winter-relate...

Tips for driving in Iceland in November

September and October are usually OK for driving outside of Reykjavík, although you can expect icy roads, particularly in the morning and evenings. But in November you should expect to see more snow and sleet on the roads on top of the ice.