Blue top 3 picks for fine dining restaurants in Reykjavík 2017

Icelandic cuisine isn’t all about rotten shark and roasted sheep heads. On the contrary, you´ll find plenty of excellent fine dining restaurants in Reykjavík. We’ve put together a list of what we feel are the top 5 fine dining restaurants in Reykjaví...

Photo by: Axel Kristinsson. Published under a creative commons license.

Does Iceland have trees?

Most pictures of Iceland show barren landscape, ice and mountains. But we have several types of trees growing here, even a few forests. It’s a common misconception that Iceland doesn’t have trees because it’s too cold. It’s not. We rather like to bla...

Ásbyrgi: Sleipnir's footprint in Midgard

Out of all the places in all of Iceland, Icelanders tend to LOVE Ásbyrgi canyon the most. They usually call it the most magical place you can find in Iceland. Now, we can describe Ásbyrgi in words, but you must visit the place to understand the magic...

The Golden Triangle in Iceland - or was it a circle?

We get asked a lot about the Golden Triangle in Iceland. We’d be evil if we told you that it’s a thing. It’s not. You probably meant to search for the Golden Circle! It’s Iceland’s most popular route and consists of three stops

Laki in Iceland

So, you want to visit volcanoes in Iceland?

If you land in Keflavík airport, pick up your rental car from us and drive to Reykjavík, you´ll already have passed a few volcanoes. You don’t have to drive far from Reykjavík to find volcanoes such as the Blue mountains and Hengill.