26 March 2021
Natural Wonders

The cutest little volcano eruption is happening in Iceland!

Right here in our backyard, a few kilometers away from the Blue Car Rental headquarters, a beautiful volcano has erupted. It was preceded by a couple of 'fun' weeks of intense earthquake activity.

29 December 2020
Icelandic Culture

Happy New Year!

Knowing that our drivers are happy and safe on the road is something we here at Blue car rental care deeply about and we wish to continue to strive for perfection next year, and every year!

23 December 2020
Icelandic Culture

Celebrating New Years Eve in Iceland in 2020

Are you staying in Iceland over the new year? In the crazy year of 2020 it will all be toned down we suppose. You can still expect a relatively glorious evening filled with fireworks but you should keep your distance obviously.

26 November 2020
Icelandic Culture

Two advent Christmas traditions in Iceland

In Iceland, the Christmas season starts with the advent, four Sundays before Christmas Eve. Like every country, Iceland has some unique traditions surrounding Christmas and the advent. We want to tell you about two of them.

18 November 2020
Icelandic Culture

What do Icelanders do in November?

It's November and the days in Iceland are getting shorter and shorter. It is starting to snow, which is good since the white snow brightens the days just a little bit. We enjoy the season and all its opportunities. From snow activities to swimming in geothermal water, there are a lot of things Icelanders do in November.

30 October 2020
Icelandic Culture

The top 3 Icelandic bands you need to listen to

From the country of poetry, we bring you the top three Icelandic bands! With some fantastic bands that are already hitting the international billboards we thought it would be a great idea to list a few of our favorite Icelandic bands.

27 October 2020
Natural Wonders

How does Iceland compare to Hawaii?

What's the real difference between Iceland and Hawaii? Well, read on, and you just might find out.

30 September 2020
Practical info

7 reasons why you should HATE Iceland

It wasn’t really hard to come up with a few good reasons for people to hate Iceland. It’s not all Björk, waterfalls, and Northern Lights here, you know? Iceland has its bad sides as well.

28 September 2020
Natural Wonders

The 3 Best Places to Visit in Iceland - Staff Picks!

We really don’t like to start arguments in the workplace, but when it comes to choosing the best places to visit in Iceland, all hell breaks loose. Everyone at Blue Car Rental has a favorite spot and since Iceland has so many beautiful and magical places it was very difficult to choose only 3.