8 September 2022
Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland: Travel tips for September

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner. Autumn is a very interesting time in Iceland and September might just be the best time to visit.

10 August 2022
Natural Wonders

New Volcano Eruption in Iceland - Guide to Meradalir

Once again, the powerful forces of Mother nature are being displayed in the most amazing way in Iceland as we experience a new volcanic eruption.

21 July 2022
Icelandic Culture

Churches to see in Iceland

Although Iceland became a settlement in 874 AD, it didn't become independent until 1918. The Republic of Iceland was founded in 1944. Today, many go there to experience everything from nature to historic structures. If you're considering a trip, you'll want to check out the churches in Iceland.

14 July 2022
Practical info

What are the essentials for a road trip to the Westfjords in Iceland?

The Westfjords are a scarcely populated remote area in Iceland. The place offers scenic drives that will leave you with great memories. However, the area remains untouched; only one in ten tourists in Iceland get to traverse these beautiful lands.

13 July 2022
Natural Wonders

Iceland Highlands Travel Guide

Pack your bag and head to the youngest country in the world, Iceland! You're ready to go, but deciding where to see can be tricky. From the Iceland Highlands to historic structures, there's only so much time in one day.

11 July 2022
Icelandic Culture

Áfram Stelpur! - Iceland is once again in the Euro Finals

A new football madness is occurring as Icelanders are once again extremely excited about their national football team. Now it is the women's national football team that caught the nation’s attention.

27 June 2022
Icelandic Culture

Travel to Iceland: A Beginners Guide to Culture in Iceland

While many tourists may think that’s the city they need to visit, Iceland has so much more to offer. From beautiful landscapes to literal natural wonders, Iceland has it all. This is why seeing Iceland by road is one of the best experiences you could ever dream of.

22 June 2022
Natural Wonders

Explore Iceland's Mud Pots and Rejuvenate in the Hot Springs

If you're looking to get away from it all and experience some of the most raw and stunning nature on Earth, Iceland is the place for you. And what better way to experience Iceland than by getting up close and personal with its awe-inspiring mud pots or ending the day by relaxing in one of its rejuvenating hot springs?

21 June 2022
Natural Wonders

The Greatest Midnight Sun: Summer Solstice in Iceland

June the 21st is the longest day of the year in Iceland. This remarkable event is called the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is when the sun is at its peak in the Northern hemisphere. Creating the longest daylight of the year.