Car Rental Guide to True Detective in Iceland

Land Rover Defender in Iceland night country.

The release of "True Detective: Night Country" has fans buzzing, not just for its gripping storyline but also for showcasing Iceland's breathtaking landscapes. This series not only captures the untamed beauty of the land of ice and fire but also highlights its towns and local talent, merging nature and culture into an exhilarating experience.


Embark on an unforgettable journey following in the footsteps of Jodie Foster other stars of the show. Let me guide you through the iconic locations of "True Detective" as you navigate the Icelandic roads in your rental car.


The Story's Setting: A Twist on Location

While "True Detective: Night Country" unfolds in the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska, its heart beats in Iceland. Filmed across several ideal Icelandic locales, the series transforms these sites into a single cohesive setting. This narrative choice not only enriches the show's atmosphere but offers a unique road trip itinerary for fans and travelers alike.

Keflavik Iceland rainbow street
The Rainbow street in downtown Keflavik.

Your Icelandic Road Trip Itinerary

Downtown Keflavík: Your adventure begins in Keflavík, where the main shopping street, Hafnargata, was presented as the center of Ennis. Stroll down the same paths as your favorite characters, visit the local pub featured in the series, and immerse yourself in the setting of key scenes. All a stone's throw from the Keflavík airport.


The Fishing Village of Dalvík: Journey to Dalvík, a northern haven and the backdrop for the show's homely and official scenes. Beyond its role in "True Detective," Dalvík is a gateway to some of Iceland's finest whale watching tours and a short drive from Akureyri, the cultural capital of the North, which also graces the screen.


Iceland as the Night Country

Iceland was the perfect place to film True Detective: Night Country. The dark Icelandic winter along with the cold and windy weather conditions proved great for making the night country for the show. If you want to experience the real night country visit Iceland around Christmas.

That is when we experience the least amount of daylight and the most Northern Lights. In some area, such as the North, East Iceland and the Westfjords you can go days in December without seeing the sun.

Dalvik north iceland fishing village and whale watching boats
The fishing village Dalvik in north Iceland with whale wathcing boats in the harbour. 


Transforming Iceland into Alaska

The transformation of Keflavík and Dalvík into the Alaskan frontier involved detailed set design. American street signs, brands, and logos were strategically placed, blending the essence of Alaska with the Icelandic landscape.


Jodie Foster's Love for Iceland

Jodie Foster's portrayal in "True Detective: Night Country" brought her close to Iceland's heart. In her words, the blend of delicious food and vibrant music in Reykjavik, coupled with the natural beauty, made her stay unforgettable.

The academy award winning actress said in an interview with Icelandair that she and the other actors fell in love with Iceland.

Renting a Car in Iceland: Your Key to Exploration

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Conclusion: An Invitation to Adventure

Renting a car in Iceland offers the freedom to explore at your own pace. Follow in the footsteps of "True Detective: Night Country," from the streets of Keflavík to the shores of Dalvík, and extend your journey to Akureyri and beyond. Savor the local cuisine, dive into the music scene, and immerse yourself in cultural treasures and natural wonders.


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