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Earn extra money by driving car rentals to Blue Car Rental. Working with Blue and promoting one of the largest local car rental company in Iceland, you have the opportunity to maximize your websites/blog earnings. We offer leading commission rates of up to 5% on all rental cars and an additional 5% discount to anyone booking through your link. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of our links and makes a qualified reservation, you will earn a percentage of that sale.

Why Blue affiliate

  • Booking transparancy
  • Comission transparancy
  • Access to account manager
  • Access to marketing material
  • Affiliate platform

Why Blue affiliate

  • Transparency of all bookings
  • Transparency of your commission
  • Access to account manager
  • Access to marketing material

Why Blue Car Rental?

Blue Car Rental offers an unmatched customer experience and the highest level of safety and convenience. Our commitment is to exceed customer expectations which is demonstrated through our Zero Policy, which ensures Zero Waiting Time and Zero Contact Delivery, highlighting our focus on customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to provide exceptional service and innovative and intelligent solutions.

Furthermore, Blue Car Rental offers a vast selection of 4x4 vehicles, the newest car rental fleet in Iceland, complemented by 24/7 roadside assistance and a fully integrated information site for safe travelling.

This combination ensures that our customers feel confident and secure throughout their journey. By prioritizing customer needs and offering smart solutions and services, Blue Car Rental stands out as the premier choice for anyone looking to rent a car in Iceland.

What our affiliates say about our program

  • Kyana Sue
    Social Media Influencer
    Valuable Partnership

    I receive dozens of messages asking for Iceland travel advice everyday. I genuinely recommend renting a car from Blue Car Rental is the best way to explore Iceland. Not only does it give you the ultimate freedom but the convenience of checking in hassle free and having no worries on your trip is a huge bonus. The fact that you can also just walk out of the airport and pick up a car is also pretty amazing if you think about it. The affiliate program has allowed me to turn my genuine recommendations into a valuable partnership that works for both of us. As far as affiliate programs go in Iceland, Blue Car is clearly leading the pack, the process couldn’t be more smooth for me as a travel content creator. I love being part of the BCR team because it’s the first time I feel valued in the Icelandic Travel Industry.

  • it's a turn-key solution for those that are passionate about promoting Iceland

    In terms of the program, I'd say it's a turn-key solution for those that are passionate about promoting Iceland and be able to share with our audience, the best car rental company in the country. The honest truth is that it's been really easy. Our communication with the Blue Car Rental affiliate program has always been easy and fast. The other key indicator of how much we've liked the program is that we just haven't had to reach out too often. We've integrated it with our content and it just works. There's almost very few reasons that we have to reach out for help and the affiliate platform is easy to use.

  • It's been an absolute breez

    I’ve been in the talks about joining the affiliate program with Blue car rental for some time and when they finally have set up a proper program, I was happy to jump into the opportunity! We have been working successfully ever since and it's been an absolute breeze! The dashboard for partners is very straightforward and user-friendly, making tracking and managing super easy (we deal with dozens of affiliates and some of them are just really hard to read). I also love how responsive and flexible they are - we have experimented with some perks a couple of times and ended up with an offer that works best for my readers - a discount. The conversion rate is also very high since the Blue Car Rental brand is widely recognized in the country. That and the fact that they are never late with the payment make it a no-brainer to join the program if your audience is people visiting Iceland.

  • Blue Car Rental is easy to work with and easy to recommend

    Blue Car Rental is easy to work with and easy to recommend. The staff is very responsive, and makes improvements based on my feedback. And the car rental experience itself is great-- I've rented from Blue several times during my visits to Iceland!

  • Reliable buddy in the car rental world

    Working with Blue Car Rental has been nothing short of awesome for us. Being their affiliate means cool perks and amazing support whenever we need it – and they're always super quick to help out! It's like having a reliable buddy in the car rental world. Our customers love the smooth experience too, and that's a big win for us. It's great to work with a team that really gets what we need and always has our back.


What is the Blue Car Rental Affiliate program?

The Blue Car Rental affiliate program is a fast and easy way to generate extra earnings. You can earn commission on all completed rentals referred from your banner/promotional link.

How does the program work?

A visitor on your site clicks on your affiliate link and lands on Each unique click is saved in a cookie for 30 days. If that person books a car and completes their rental, you will get a percentage of our sales. You simply apply the banners/promotional links to your site that we provide you with and you will get paid a commission for each time a customer clicks on the banner/link, reserves a car, and pays for their rental.

Who can apply for the program?

Travel bloggers and Social media influencers who are travel minded. After you apply for the program, our team will review your application and see if you are a good fitfor the Blue Car Rental affiliate program.

How much can I earn?

You can earn up to 5% commission on completed rentals coming from your referred affiliate link.

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