How to Provide a Carefree Experience: Rental Car in Iceland

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When traveling to Iceland there are two things that are of the utmost importance. First is having a rental car and second is enjoying a carefree vacation. Remember you’re going on a holiday and there is no need to bring the stress from home with you to the land of ice and fire.

Iceland is a place of extraordinary scenery and beautiful nature. There are natural wonders found literally in every corner of our blue island. So, is it possible to combine both renting a car in Iceland and ensuring a carefree experience? 

Here I will go over how you can get the most out of your trip to Iceland without a care in the world.


What is a carefree experience?

Having a rental car is for many the most stressful part of a trip. Not only are you driving in a new and strange country, but you’re responsible for someone else's car. Let’s not forget you’re also driving in Iceland, a country controlled by the elements. Where the roads can be as unforgiven as the landscape around them are beautiful.

But this does not have to be a stressful scenario. So, how to create a carefree experience in such a situation? And more importantly, is it possible to offer everyone renting a car in Iceland zero worries for their trip?

 driving carefree in iceland with blue car rental

Why should you get a Rental car in Iceland?

Iceland is so packed full of famous sights and hidden gems you need to see. The only way to explore as many as possible is by having a rental car. For the most part, traveling in Iceland is all about timing. It’s a big place and you need to carefully plan your trip and it’s very likely that plans need to be altered, and with short notice due to weather conditions. 


That’s why you need a rental car in Iceland. Not only to gain as much ground as possible but also to have the freedom to choose the best travel spot at each time, according to conditions and your desire. This way you can avoid bad weather and get to see the best of Iceland, traveling at your own pace.

Not only will this make your trip safer, seeing that you’re in control of your own destiny, but less stressful, as you’re on your own travel schedule.


The importance of insurances

The most efficient way to provide a carefree car rental experience in Iceland is providing great insurance. Being properly insured is vital when driving a rental car in Iceland. To avoid any confusion, and possible misunderstanding, it is best to buy insurance from the car rental in Iceland. By keeping things simple, you’ll have a better understanding of what you're getting into, which ultimately leads to less stress.

I cannot stress this enough, but always opt for a full coverage insurance when renting a car in Iceland. As you might have heard, Iceland is expensive and paying for damages is no exception. A single dent will cost a minimum of 200.000 ISK, or about 1,500 USD. So, to skip having a financial panic attack at every corner, get the insurance. Trust me, it’s a rocky and windy place and it is always worth it.

 Blue var rental staff

Choosing the right rental car in Iceland

Hire a car in Iceland that fits your travel plans. For example, when traveling light a small car might be the best option for your Iceland road trip. However, if you are planning on going off the beaten track and enter the F-roads in Iceland’s highland, you’ll need a 4x4 for your trip.

Both time and purpose of your trip should determine which car to rent in Iceland. Whether it is a winter trip on a 4x4 or a summer trip where you can explore the entire Ring Road with an economy car.


Information and service

Another important contribution to a carefree experience is good service from your rental car company in Iceland. Most importantly that you are provided with all the information necessary as well as being able to reach out at any moment. Both before and during your rental time.

When it comes to car rental service transparency and safety play a key role in providing a carefree traveling experience.



By combining all these crucial elements, Blue Car Rental has managed to provide a carefree rental car experience in Iceland. Not only by offering customers fully cover insurances, but by providing information and service throughout the entire rental process and time. Including an online check-in platform and fully integrated information app. As well as 24/7 emergency number and roadside assistance.  

From helping our customers to get the perfect car to making sure they feel safe while driving in Iceland. We make sure to provide the best car, insurance, and service. This is truly what makes providing a carefree car rental experience in Iceland, and the best vacation possible.

So, leave your worries at home and have an adventure in Iceland with Blue Car Rental. Enjoy the northern lights, travel the Golden Circle, or see the amazing south coast of Iceland completely stress free. 

If you like travel tips in Iceland, please visit our blog for Driving in Iceland and Practical Info. 







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