We can’t only have fun. We need practical info too. How can you walk on ice without looking stupid? What should you pack for a holiday in Iceland? Is the country expensive and where are the puffins? Iceland isn’t really like other countries in some ways. So, it’s great to know some practical information before you arrive. Here, we post what we feel are necessary travel information. But in between, we´ll try to make you laugh.

21 August 2019
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6 August 2019
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Things to do in Iceland in August in 2019

Summertime in Iceland is, in our opinion, one of the most fun times to spend in Iceland. Check out the best things to do in Iceland during the summer of 2019!

7 May 2019
Icelandic Culture
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Going to the movies in Iceland is surprisingly great

Let us tell you everything you need to know about going to the movies in Iceland! Best movie theaters, where to find them, etc.

16 April 2019
Icelandic Culture
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4 interesting facts about Reykjavík

Reykjavík. Reykjavík is pretty impressive, and you should know these interesting facts about the only real city in Iceland.

13 March 2019
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When to Travel to Iceland?

A simple question like ‘when to travel to Iceland’ deserves a simple answer so we'll do our best:You should travel to Iceland at any time. All of the seasons have their charm. They also have their pros and cons. So, when to travel to Iceland depends on your budget and personal preference!

1 February 2019
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Where is Iceland “On the Map”?

Let’s talk about two things: where is Iceland on the World map, and what events have put Iceland “on the map”?

16 January 2019
Driving in Iceland
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A Memorable Iceland Vacation

When planning a vacation in Iceland, it is essential to make time for relaxation and spontaneity.

23 November 2018
Icelandic Culture
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Is Iceland safe?

According to the Global Peace Index by the Institute of Economics and Peace, Iceland is the safest country on Earth. Iceland has ranked number one for 10 years in a row. But why?

9 November 2018
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The Icelandic Winter Weather - a short overview

You can be certain that there is nothing certain about Icelandic winter weather. It is as unpredictable as a young child’s moods – sweet and joyful one minute, a rollicking tantrum the next.