When is the Best Time to Visit Iceland?

Iceland received about 700,000 visitors in 2021, which may likely double this year. It's expected that 1.3 million tourists may visit this Nordic island country in Europe this year. If you're planning to visit this "it" destination, we suggest you plan your travel in advance as some attractions are only best viewed at certain months. We'll talk about the best times to visit Iceland in this article and how to help you plan your travel.

lupine in Iceland

When to Visit Iceland

July and August are Iceland's summer months and are the most popular time to visit the country. If you want to see 24 hours of daylight, it may be best to visit in June, which is the peak of the summer (also the best time to go hiking.) However, keep in mind that it's possible to still experience the rain and winds, albeit it's summer as the country is quite notorious for having an erratic climate. It can get sunny and rainy all in a single day. 

Visiting in May is also ideal as you have more daylight for sightseeing. However, it may not be the best time if you're planning to explore more hills as some roads may be closed. 

If you want to see hot springs and waterfalls in Iceland, the best time to go is in September or the first two weeks of October, when all hot springs are accessible, and there are less tourists. 

For tourists who want to see whales in Iceland, consider visiting in the summer months when you'll see several dolphins, minkes, and humpbacks.

Iceland Northern Lights 

When to See the Northern Lights

While we recommend you don't just visit Iceland for the aurora borealis, the best time to go for the Northern Lights is when there are extended nighttime hours. You need darkness to see this natural phenomenon, and you get your best chances when you visit from mid-October through March. 

Not so best time to visit the island:

Iceland receives the highest number of tourists in July and August, so you might want to avoid this if you don't like the crowd. 

Essential Travel Tips

Make sure that you book accommodation in advance to avoid problems and extra costs. If you want to go on a road trip, ensure that you have extra time to explore all attractions on the roadside. Also, you might want to consider renting pocket wifi as some areas may not have a good connection. And because it's a remote island, consider packing meals or snacks if you want to go on a drive. 

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We hope this has helped you in making a decision about when to visit Iceland. If you want dig a little deeper we recommend reading our blogs. They are full of interesting articles about Icelandic culture and practical information regarding traveling in Iceland. 

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The Secret Ice Cave

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