Iceland Car Rental Reviews: Can You Trust Them?

Blue Car Rental staff member showing customers car rental reviews
Blue Car Rental staff member showing a customers car rental reviews.

How are Iceland car rental reviews? Iceland is renowned as a one of a kind destination that offers unparalleled natural beauty, pristine wilderness, breathtaking scenery, and a vibrant cultural heritage. The way in which visitors perceive the country, its environment, and the services it provides is crucial for travelers seeking insights into others' firsthand encounters.

Here we will go over Iceland car rental reviews. Why are they important, where can you find them, as well as answering the question, can you trust Iceland car rental reviews?

Importance of Iceland Car Rental Reviews

Reviews are information of great importance for any kind of service, especially for companies in the Iceland travel industry. With social media platforms and trends going back and forward there is no escaping online exposure, whether it is good or bad.

Bad news travels faster than good news and usually gets way more attention. It is why getting bad reviews hurts companies such as Iceland's car rentals, as they rely on customers' trust which is only as good as their reputation. It is also said that for all bad reviews they need at least 10 good reviews to make up for it and withhold their reputation and trust.

This will allow you to see how good the service really is. Such as giving out useful information, do they have good insurance, and how fair do others think the car rental rate is.

Finding Iceland Car Rental Reviews

Everyone with a phone or computer can almost say anything about everyone with a simple push on a button. It is easy to raise an opinion to a broad audience, for example on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X) and more.

Iceland car rental reviews are not only found on social media. You may also find Iceland car rental reviews on special travel websites and travel blogs. Even by a simple online search, like Google, you can easily find ratings and reviews from people’s experience.

Jeep Rubicon rental car at vatnajokull glacier in iceland
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon rental car at Vatnajokull National Park Glacier in iceland.

Can I Trust Iceland Car Rental Reviews?

The same principle applies to reviews for car rentals in Iceland as it does for any other reviews found online. Don’t trust everything you read. But the majority of reviews, especially on social media and other open platforms are a reliable source of information.

This raises the question of how to sort out the good and the bad reviews about car rentals in Iceland. Well, there are a few tips we recommend.

Start by checking the quantity of reviews. The car rental might have high ratings and great reviews but if there are only a handful of reviews, it is not a reliable source of information. The more there are, the better.

Look for the time and date of the reviews. When reading reviews try to find both new and old reviews to see how the company has performed in the past and how customers respond to its service recently.

Read both good and bad reviews. See what customers are happy with or disappointed. This will give you a better understanding on the service. Also, see if there are any responses from the rental company, particularly bad reviews.

Blue Car Rental Reviews

Iceland car rental reviews are extremely important to Blue Car Rental. As a local brand we rely heavily on our customers' opinion and our reputation and proudly present it.

You can find reviews about Blue Car Rental on any of our social media platforms as well as on travel guidance websites. Best options would see and read reviews on Blue Car Rental on Google where we have over 3000 reviews.

As a matter of fact, we actively encourage our customers to leave a comment about our service. This will not only display our excellent service but also assist us to detect issues and confront them. By listening to our customers, we get a better understanding of their needs and can improve our service even further.

If a customer gives us a negative review, we reach out to them to understand the issue and explore possible resolutions. We have no intention of letting any of our customers leave Iceland unhappy. That is why you should read Iceland car rental reviews on Blue Car Rental and why you can trust them.


Reading reviews is the best way to get a true perspective on a car rental in Iceland. There more the better understanding you can get on how others liked or disliked the service. This window of opinions works great if you bother to use it and we strongly recommend doing so.

The best way to sell a product or service is honesty. A great service is listening to the customers' demands and meeting them with their best interest in heart. That is why public opinion is so important to any kind of service today. 

To sum up. Please read reviews before making a decision on where to rent a car in Iceland and leave one at the end of your trip for future customers. 

Feel free to visit Our Blogs for more Practical information about renting a car in Iceland or see Icelandic Culture. 







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