Finding Coupon Codes: Iceland Car Rental Discount

Finding coupon codes for a car rental in Iceland.

Do Iceland car rentals hand out discount codes? If so, where do I find them and do they really work? In this article we are exploring the vast world of discounts and see where you can find coupon codes and how they can help save money on your Iceland car rental.

Iceland Discount Codes

Discount codes are a huge part of today’s shopping culture. If you have ever bought anything online you are probably familiar with discount codes, also called coupon codes. Before finishing the payment there is usually a box marked “discount code”. When the code is entered the price changes automatically, giving you a better price total.

This is a common practice in Iceland car rental. When renting a car in Iceland, finding the best price is highly important. So, finding a valid discount code can really help reduce the price for your Iceland car rental.

Finding Car Rental Coupon Codes

Coupon codes can be found all over the internet. They do however often have expiry dates so finding a valid discount code for your car rental in Iceland can be tricky. But don´t worry. We are here to help you find valid coupon codes that can actually lower your Iceland car rental price.

Car rentals in Iceland tend to have seasonal discount codes. Like for example during big holidays like Christmas or Valentine discount codes. Some even hand out coupon codes during local events, such as Iceland's independence days, June 17. or a volcano eruption.

As most customers for car rentals in Iceland are tourists from around the world visiting Iceland the codes are also handed out during days such as Singles day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. At Blue Car Rental these days are celebrated by offering customers discounts via coupon code.

The promo codes are simply displayed on our website, in popup windows, around these days. When they are active. As well as on our social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Blue car rental offer birthday discount.
Anniversary of Blue Car Rental is celebrated each year with a coupon code.

Best Chance For Promo Code

Our best advice is to check our websites regularly around big holidays in search for discount codes. Follow us on social media or simply just contact us and ask. We are always happy to hear from customers and assist them in finding the best car rental deal in Iceland.

At Blue Car Rental we don't just offer Black Friday discount or Cyber Monday coupon, we have a Cyber weekend offer. Combining both Black Friday and Cyber Monday into one great offer.

We suggest waiting for these offers if you can and securing a more favorable rate for your car hire in Iceland. This is particularly beneficial when making a reservation well in advance, as there are constantly new deals emerging.

Here are a few steps you can take for finding coupon codes for your Iceland Car Rental.

  • See Blue Car Rental website around big holidays.
  • Follow Blue Car Rental on social media.
  • Contact Blue Car Rental for information.

Now understandably, we can't have discount offers running all year round. There are times where there are no offers available. That's why we strongly recommend paying attention these days and taking advantage of offers when they pop up.

Rental prices usually increase over time so waiting for another offer to get a better deal might not result in a better price for your rental car in Iceland.

Is there any catch to discount offer?

Not really. The discount from the coupon code is usually displayed in the offer where you find the code. Being very straight forward with the % offered in discount when applied. The price should change automatically when applied if the coupon code is valid.

In some cases, discount codes might only apply for certain time periods or bookings paid online. But it is rare and should always be clear when the offer is presented.

Blue car rental staff member helping out a customers.

Don´t be afraid to reach out for more info about our special offers.

In conclusion

You can most certainly get a better deal for your Iceland car rental when using a coupon code. Finding the codes is easy if you know when and where to look. Pay attention to announcements around big holidays and events, such as Black Friday for example.

If you have already settled on a date for your visit to Iceland, we recommend taking the first offer you come across. If another offer comes along afterwards you can always contact us to see if you can get a better deal.

That's all we have to say about discounts and coupon codes for now. If you like to learn more Practical Info or read up on Natural Wonders in Iceland, please check out our blogs.







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