Driving in Iceland
Practical info
26 October 2017

Are all attractions in Iceland open during winter?

The answer to this question depends on your definition of ‘attractions.'

Access to natural wonders in Iceland during winter

If you’re referring to natural wonders, then no. Some parts of Iceland aren’t accessible during winter. F-roads (mountain roads) are closed, so you can’t get to the highlands and see places like Landmannalaugar. The most famous natural wonders, especially those along the South Coast and Golden Circle, should be accessible by car during winter. Of course, it depends on the weather.

The road administration tries very hard to keep roads open but sometimes it snows A LOT and they can’t keep up with plowing the roads. The roads might also become a bit dangerous if they’re very icy, so please be careful. The roads that lead to waterfalls are often icy due to the mist spraying from them and freezing on the roads.

Are all attractions in Iceland open during winter?

Tours, museums, and other attractions

While some tours may not be operating during winter, there are others that only operate during winter, like ice cave tours and other winter-related activities. Museums and art galleries are open all year. The Christmas house in Akureyri is also open all year and we highly recommend a visit there. Iceland is tiny, so we can’t promise that all museums, especially the ones in small fishing villages, are open all winter. It’s always best to check their websites or Facebook pages just in case.

Is everything open in Iceland during christmas?

The one exception: Christmas

A few years ago, most establishments in Iceland were closed during Christmas, but nowadays more and more tour operators, museums, and restaurants are open over the holidays. This is a good change since so many travelers choose to stay in Iceland over Christmas and they used to get bored over Christmas with everything being closed. 


Photo: Justin Poulsen