Driving in Iceland
9 January 2018

Driver Guide – the preventative road safety system

We want to tell you about something we’re proud of: We’re installing a very cool system called “Driver Guide.” We’re pioneering this very innovative technology, developed by an Icelandic company called TM Software. The system has already gathered some publicity in Iceland and overseas, for its unique value, quality, and level of innovation. While roads and road safety in Iceland has come a long way in the past few years and will continue to improve, we feel that the system is necessary and very helpful considering the circumstances here.

Diver Guide is sort of like a navigation system, but has so many more features built into it, and will give you an extra layer of security when you’re driving on the Icelandic roads.

Driver Guide is a tablet that is already installed in some of our cars, and it has software that a “supercharged” GPS, but also has features like:

-          Suggestions for interesting stops

-          Facts about different areas

-          Automatic warning system

-          Manual warning system

-          Communication system

The system gives us peace of mind, and the opportunity to relay information about potentially closed roads, bad weather or other dangers. The system will be automatically linked to Safetravel.is for weather information and more. You´ll be able to chat with us if you need to, and if you do, we´ll see where you are straight away. So, if you’re lost, we can help.

Your safety is our top priority, and we feel that the Driver Guide system will be very beneficial and help prevent accidents and mishaps on the road. We´ll feel a lot better knowing that our customers won’t be driving in dangerous places or missing any serious weather warnings, that’s for sure.

We’re not rolling the system out in all our cars just yet but will continue to test it and install more as time passes. It´ll be free to use, of course, since we don’t think of it as an extra, but a necessity to ensure road safety.