Driving in Iceland
7 March 2019

The #FeelingBlue winner had a blast in Iceland

As some of our readers may remember we invited Liz Connor to Iceland last fall after she won our #FeelingBlue contest. Check out the winner announcement here.


Liz had been seriously unlucky for the last couple of years, and we wanted to turn her luck around after hearing her story. It’s safe to say we accomplished that and Liz had the time of her life here in Iceland!

Check out the video we made of her journey:

The best part for us was meeting Liz and her son, Dylan. They are lovely people, and we had a lot of fun accompanying them on their journey. We wanted to show them some of the best things Iceland has to offer, so we packed the trip with surprises, exciting tours and of course we showed them some of our most famous natural wonders.

Feeling Blue winner in Iceland


Thank you, Liz, for sharing your story with us! We sincerely hope you feel like the luckiest person in the world. You’re welcome back anytime.

Are you feeling lucky?

To everyone else: We hope we’ve managed to show the world a new meaning for the term #FeelingBlue and hope you feel as lucky as Liz when you come to Iceland!


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