Fun things to do in February in Iceland

The long month of January is finally over, and the bright days of February are upon us. Not only are the days getting better, but the relentless weather warnings are slowing down. 
OK, it is not all doom and gloom, of course. Even though Mother Nature decided it was possibly time for an eruption in a place which has not had one in about 700 years.
Iceland lake in winter
But since everything is becoming brighter and a little bit warmer, what can one do in February in Iceland? Look no further for we have put together a shortlist of fun things to do at this time of year in Iceland!

Secret Lagoon

If you are going to check out the Golden Circle, which we highly recommend, you could end the day with a soak in one of Iceland’s most beautiful natural hot spring pools; Secret Lagoon.
It has been used by locals for centuries, but a few years ago it was renovated. While they tried to keep everything as natural as it has always been, they have added a few modern things, like changing rooms! 
You do not need to reserve a spot, but they do appreciate it.
Viking ship statue in Reykjavík

Viking World

The Viking museum in Keflavík is a must-see. The main attraction is the exact replica of the famous Gokstad ship which was found near intact in Norway in the 19th century. 
Additionally, there is an exhibition curated by the Smithsonian Institution called Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga.
penises in jars at Icelandic Phallological museum [CC BY]

The Icelandic Phallological Museum

OK, we have already mentioned one museum, but this one is just too much fun. This is probably the only penis museum in the world, at least where penises of all animals of one country have been collected into one place.
You can see the smallest penis in the world, the largest, an elf penis and a human penis. Oh, yes. This gem is in the centre of Reykjavík, by Hlemmur. A museum you surely should not miss! 
But as always, be careful when driving in Iceland during the winter months and be safe!






Panorama ATV tour

Panorama ATV tour

Iceland is the perfect place to ride an ATV in. The Panorama ATV tour will take you up between Húsafell and Fiskidalsfjall mountains along beautiful lava and black volcanic sand. After that, your guide takes you up mount Hagafell, where you´ll have the perfect view over the Blue Lagoon and the Eldey island.