Natural Wonders
7 March 2018

How does Akureyri compare to Reykjavík?

The two biggest differences between Akureyri and Reykjavík is the location and size. But, how do they compare?

What can you do in Akureyri?

Take your pick! Just because the town is the size of one of Reykjavík’s suburbs, it is still the biggest town outside the capital area. 18000 people live there, and it is a pretty neat community. You can go to the cinema, theatre and museums – there are quite a few museums, the cinema gets all the newest films, and the theatre is very, very good (but if you do not speak Icelandic you will probably find their plays pretty hard to understand). Hof, the cultural center of Akureyri almost always has something going on, and pubs like Græni hatturinn have a concert every weekend.

And don’t forget the ice cream shop Brynja. According to some, it is the best ice cream in the world.

What else can I do?

Akureyri lies at the bottom of Hlíðarfjall, which has great ski slopes. You can also visit the Christmas Garden which is open all year round, which no lover of Christmas should let pass them by!

But, are the hot dogs the same?

No. Well, yes, the hot dogs themselves are the same, but if you asked for one with everything, you would get so much more than just fried onion, raw onion, sweet mustard, remoulade, and ketchup. Be ready for a potato salad, French fries, red cabbage or cocktail sauce and stuff like that.

If you do get a hot dog with just the regular stuff, you will get it all under the hot dog, much to the chagrin of the people of Reykjavík.


How do I get to Akureyri?

There are three ways: take the public bus, fly or drive. We, of course, recommend you drive. The scenery on the way is quite astounding.

So how does Akureyri really compare to Reykjavík? You will just have to see for yourself!