How To See The Volcano Eruption at Litli Hrútur Iceland

volcano iceland litla hrut eruption
Amazing volcano eruption in Iceland

A new volcano has erupted in Iceland. This newest volcano eruption is called Litli Hrútur volcano and experts are calling it the most powerful volcanic eruption at Reykjanes Peninsula in modern times.

Witnessing a live volcano erupt is a memory that will last a lifetime. Everyone should have that amazing experience. Here´s everything you need to know about Iceland´s newest eruption at Litla Hrút and how to get there.

New Volcano in Iceland

After powerful earthquakes in the days leading to the eruption a major crack opened resulting in a massive volcanic eruption. Lava is now shooting up and creating craters with hot steaming lava flowing around it in a new red glowing lava field. 

Fun Fact: Litli Hrútur volcano means, Small Ram Volcano which is highly appropriate for a volcano in Iceland as there are more sheep here than people.

Where is Litla Hrút Volcano?

Litla Hrút volcano is on Reykjanes Peninsula, just like the last eruptions at Fagradalsfjall and Meradalir in the past two year. The eruption site is located just North from the older volcano, between the volcanos of Fagradalsfjall and Meradalir and Keilir mountain.

The closest city from the new volcano is the town of Grindavík, right next to the famous Blue Lagoon. The smoke for the eruption in Litla Hrút volcano is clearly visible from Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik City.

A Volcano Erupts in Iceland

The eruption at Litli Hrútur volcano in Iceland started on July 10. After days of serious earthquakes in the area a new volcano eruption at Reykjanes Peninsula was expected. These earthquakes where powerful and noticed in all parts of Iceland, especially in the Southwest region of Iceland and the capital area of Reykjavik.

The eruption is ongoing and in full swing, with massive amount of lava shooting up and on the surface. There is no way to tell when it will stop or even slow down. It could take days, months or even years.

Map of volcano sites at fagradalsfjall, meradalir and Litla hrut vocano.
Map of volcano sites Reykjanes Iceland.

Going to the Volcano at Litli Hrútur

As the new volcano is within the same area as the previous eruptions in Fagradalsfjall and Meradalir, it is possible to use the parking areas and trails heading for those sites when going to see the new eruption. Enterence fee for parking is 1000 ISK for cars and SUV´s and 3000 ISK for vans. 

It takes about 20 minutes driving from Keflavik Airport to see the new volcanic eruption at Litli Hrútur and around 30 minutes from Reykjavik City.

The new volcano site is a bit further inland than the once at Fagradalsfjall and Meradalir, so hiking there takes a little bit more time. Hiking to the volcano and back will take a few hours at least.

There are marked walking path and trail along the way from the parking areas and staff which can assist to find the best way towards the volcano.

Please always follow these directions and stay on marked trails when hiking to the sites. It also important to respect restrictions as being close to an active volcanic eruption is dangerous.

Tips for hiking to the volcano

Find the best way towards the eruption site, using maps, guides and other information provided by the Icelandic authorities, met office and staff on site.

  • Please see and follow announcements from authorities about conditions as some areas might be dangerous to pass and closed.
  • Be aware of pollution. There is volcanic gas in the area. Stay away from the smoke from the volcano.
  • Dress appropriately and prepare for a long walk and hiking for hours. Have on good outdoors clothes and hiking boots. After dark it is important to have flashlights or headlights.
  • The volcano site at Lita Hrút is a remote area so always have your phone fully charged when leaving for the hike. In case you need to call for help and of course to get the greatest photos you will ever post on social media.
  • Rental cars should only be left at marked parking lots in the area.
  • The lava field from the previous eruptions are still hot and therefore dangerous. Only follow marked trails and avoid walking on the lava at all times.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to witness and enjoy the incredible volcano eruption in Iceland.

It might be hard work getting there but seeing the awesome power of nature displayed in the most beautiful imaginable is well worth the effort. You will never forget the time you went to see live volcano eruption!

Here is live feed from the volcano at Litla Hrút

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