How to walk on ice and not look stupid

Please, forgive us. We really wanted to tell you how to walk on ice and not look stupid. But, after extensive research, interviews with cool-walking experts and figure skaters, we’ve learned that it’s simply not possible.

One cannot walk on ice and look cool

It’s against the laws of nature, laws of gravity and laws of physics. If you’re not into places, you can also just watch people walk on ice and see for yourself.

You CAN walk on ice and stay relatively safe, though

Falling on ice isn’t fun at all. You could break your arm or hip, or bruise your bum and ego. If you want to stay safe when walking on ice, you should have:

  • Good winter shoes that have good coarse soles and give you a little grip.
  • Crampons. Not necessarily the huge ones with chains and spikes for ice climbing, but at least the small rubber ones you can slip on to your shoes.
  • Knowledge of the best ice walking strategy!
  • Take short steps

During our scientific research about how to walk on ice and not look stupid, we found this great picture on the internet:

Walk like a penguin!

Like it says in the picture:

  • Keep your center of gravity over your front leg.
  • Walk like a penguin, leaning slightly forward.

If you want to see the penguin method put to the test, check out the video:


You won’t have to worry too much about walking on ice in the streets of Reykjavík because city workers usually put a salt and sand mixture over the ice. But, there are slippery spots in between the sanded spots, and sometimes they miss a part of the sidewalk. Sometimes it freezes almost instantly, so they don’t even have time to sprinkle the sand on all the streets.

If you go outside of Reykjavík, please be careful when it’s icy! 

You can´t just walk across Iceland. In order to see all the amazing things Iceland has to offer you need a car. So, remmember to book a rental car with Blue Car Rental, and get the best service in Iceland!

Although, knowning how to walk on ice is highly useful in Iceland, you migth also want to get some more knowledge about Iceland. Not to worry, we got it covered in our blogs. Just hit practical information or Icelandic culture and you will have no problem enjoying Iceland!






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