Natural Wonders
12 January 2017

Iceland road trip in October Pt3

Time to go back to the Airport and leave our lovely Defender

Posted by Jon & Johan

On our way back to Keflavik Airport we did one stop at the way back, the big waterfall Haifoss. We had use of our 4x4 car this time as well, you need to drive on quite tricky roads in order to drive all the way to this place.

Haifoss is huge. Both the waterfall but also the steep cliffs and you can walk all the way out to the ridge. Fantastic photo spot for landscape photographers.

Our thoughts about Iceland

Iceland is a dream for photgraphers and filmmakers. Behind every corner their is new scenery, a new unreal landscape. And the weather changing so fast so you se many different colors in the sky and in the landscape. We really appreciated our car and the service from the guys at Blue Car Rental. You need to have a proper car in order to enjoy Iceland all the way.

If you want to se our roadtrip on a map, click here