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28 November 2019

Iceland with kids

It is important to choose well where to go when going on a holiday with children. As all parents know, planning a group holiday can take months of planning, and there must be something for everyone. But being in Iceland with kids is a pretty good thing, Iceland is considered very children friendly! And don’t you worry about car seats, you can get everything from a booster seat to car seats for children up to 36 kilograms.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Almost every single restaurant in Iceland is kid-friendly, with a special menu for the young ones. There are usually always high chairs on offer, free of charge and sometimes, there are even play areas.
lamb in Iceland

Domestic Zoo

Iceland does not have many wild animals. In fact, the only mammal that was on the island when the Vikings settled here in the 9th century was the Arctic fox. However, what we lack in wild animals, we make up in the number of cute animals.
The Domestic Zoo in Reykjavík is filled with cute Arctic Foxes, seals, reindeer, Icelandic horses, cattle, minks, goats and various other animals. Most animals in Iceland, even the imported ones, have been isolated for so long that they are basically their own species at this point. So, although you have seen most of these animals, they are just that little bit extra special.

Swimming Pools

Iceland has over 100 swimming pools, and all of them are geothermal. Many of them have a kid pool as well as various hot tubs, shallow pools and water slides. So don’t worry about bringing your toddler with you!
Most of the pools are outdoor pools. It does not matter if it is -10 degrees Celsius outside or 20 degrees, Icelanders flock to the pool to splash around, use the slide, hot tub or just talk about the news of the day.
Then there are of course many different natural pools which people can dip in!
Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

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