Icelandic Culture
28 February 2019

#icelandagram is true, Iceland is a man-made Instagram-island

Like everyone who’s watched the #Icelandagram video from The Mystery Hour now knows, Iceland was built from scratch and staged by the people at Instagram. All so you can travel to this magical place and get perfect Instagram photos from every single shot.

Watch the #Icelandagram video, it’s hilarious!



You know, Instagram pictures don’t lie! Even with handmade geysers, people dressed as sheep and fake northern lights your friends will never know the difference. The great people of Instagram have pre-installed filters to the whole island so everything looks AMAZING.

The main goal is making people jealous

All this is simply to make your friends jealous and go crazy with FOMO. As is arguably the point of all social media platforms.

Just look at these pictures, anyone can see this can’t be real

Iceland on Instagram

Iceland is highyl instagramable


Iceland on Instagram #Icelandagram

Ok, but seriously

It’s true, Iceland seems too pretty to be real, so we applaud everyone at The Mystery Hour for the hilarious sketch about how Iceland seems almost too perfect. We agree it’s like somebody made it just for Instagram.