Iceland's top Black Sand beach: Reynisfjara Beach

Pillar rocks at Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland.
Pillar rocks at Reynisfjara black sand beach.

Iceland's top Black Sand beach: Reynisfjara Beach 

The Black Sands of the South coast of Iceland are among the most amazing natural attractions found on our beautiful island of fire and ice. 

And out of all the interesting and beautiful sites the south coast has to offer, few are as amazing as Reynisfjara black sand beach. The most famous of Iceland´s black sand. It is just one of those places you need to see when in Iceland. 

Here's why you need to rent a car in Iceland and head down the south coast when arriving!

Where is Reynisfjara Beach?

Driving in Iceland can be quite different pending on when or where you want to go. Getting to Reynisfjara beach is only about two and a half hours on the Ring Road from Reykjavik. Making it quite easy and accessible for most of the year. 

Reynisfjara Beach is on the southernmost point of Iceland. It is right next to the small town of Vík í Mýrdal. All you need to do is simply follow road one and head for Vík. When you are almost there you go off the main road and onto a gravel road towards the beach. 

Since Reynisfjara is such a popular attraction a parking lot is available where visitors can safely park their rental cars and from there walk to the beach.

Town of Vík í Mýrdal in Iceland.
Reynisdrangar and the town of Vík í Mýrdal.

Why visit Reynisfjara Beach?

Where do we begin? There are many reasons for visiting Reynisfjara Beach. The most attractive feature is the unique scenery. The black sand, rocky cliffs, pillar rocks and volcanic islands all battling the elements in the harsh North Atlantic Ocean.

That alone should be enough to convince any traveler. But it is not just the view. Reynisfjara beach is a place where you can really get close to nature and experience its awesome power all around you. 

From the volcanic rock formation, to the powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean which clash with the cliffs and black sands of the island.

Dyrholaey and Game of Thrones 

In the area is also the famous stone arch called Dyrholaey. This amazing cliff is one of Iceland's most iconic landmarks and it is visible from Reynisfjara.

This incredible scenery is part of the reason why Reynisfjara beach has been used for shooting tv shows and movies from all over the world. Most famously when it appeared in the hit tv show, the Game of Thrones. 

All together this is what makes Reynisfjara so impressive and popular. 


Be aware of the waves

The beach can also be dangerous. Visitors need to be extremely careful while on the sand. Do not get too close to the water as waves can appear suddenly and often much more powerful than they look. As long as you are always aware of that and do not take any chances you will be fine.

Dyrhólaey stone arch.

How to visit the Black sands of Iceland.

The first step towards getting to Reynisfjara Beach is selecting your transportation. We recommend renting a rental car and making a self drive tour along the South coast. 

With the rental car you can decide when you want to go and for how long you wish to stay. This will also give you the opportunity to make other interesting stops on your trip.

As the drive to Reynisfjara Beach is all on road one, except the small part from the Ring Road to the parking area, you can easily get there on any car. Such as a small or medium size 2WD economy vehicle. 

However, if you intend on visiting in winter, we do recommend a 4x4/AWD as it is a long drive into the countryside, and you can expect all kinds of weather.


When getting to the beach it is important to remember that it is an open area, and you will be exposed to the element. The South coast is known for being windy and the wind can make it feel a lot colder than it actually is.Most importantly when exploring Iceland is to always keep dry and warm.

We recommend planning carefully according to the weather. Luckily the Icelandic Met office has a reliable forecast, which we recommend checking out daily when traveling here.

Plane wreck at Sólheimasandur.
The DC3 Plane wreck at Sólheimasandur.

Planning your self drive road trip

Planning is the key to a great vacation when traveling in Iceland. Summer is the best time to travel but natural wonders such as Reynisfjara beach are never closed so it is possible to visit all year round.

From Reykjavik to Reynisfjara Beach is around 200 km and up to 250 km from Keflavik International Airport. Making it a perfect day trip whether you go straight there and back, or make other stops on the way. 

There are many amazing sites on the way such as Seljalandsfoss waterfall and Skógafoss waterfall. Both are visible from the side of road one and easily accessible. It is also possible to stop at Sólheimasandur. Another black sand beach most known for the DC3 plane wreck sitting in the sand.

For those traveling further. The Vatnajökull national park is a great place to see the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and the Diamond beach. Reynisfjara Beach is a great place to visit on the first day of your trip from Reykjavik.

If you like to know about more amazing sites in Iceland, take a look at our other blogs about natural wonders. You will surely find something to your liking there as well as picking up some useful information helping you to prepair for visiting Iceland.

In order to see all the best Iceland has to offer, we of course recommend getting a rental car from Blue Car Rental. 






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