Must-See Places in East Iceland

Did you know that if you drive to the end of the town Neskaupstaður, you will have driven as far away from Reykjavík as you possibly can in Iceland? And did you know one of Iceland’s most popular music festival is held in the small town of Borgarfjörður Eystri, called Bræðslan? Or that the East Fjords are the only area in Iceland where they have their own bus system and are not a part of Strætó BS? Well, now you do! Check out our list below of the must-see places in East Iceland.

Semi-precious stones everywhere!

East iceland

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But maybe dams are not your thing. Then we recommend you go to Helgustaðanáma outside Eskifjörður. The place is an old spar mine and is quite the sight to see, but we, please ask you to not take anything with you. The mine is protected, but people have increasingly been taking crystals as souvenirs.

If crystals and gemstones are your thing, we totally recommend Petra’s Stone Collection in Stöðvarfjörður. It is in the home of now deceased Petra who collected the stones from the East Fjords throughout her life. It is extraordinary.


This small town is the place where the ferry Norröna docks on its circle around Scandinavia. The quaint little town has an eye-catching church, as well as restaurants and shops. There are many colorful houses, clad in corrugated iron, which make it feel like you have stepped back in time.


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It is so different!

If you are interested in dams, Kárahnjúkavirkjun near Reyðarfjörður is the biggest of its type in all of Europe and the largest hydroelectric plant in Iceland.

Majority of all reindeer in Iceland are also in the highlands of the East Fjords and sometimes come almost down to the small towns. Reindeer are not native to Iceland but were imported in the 18th century and were supposed to be domesticated but then Icelanders just gave up immediately, and they have been wild ever since.

Reindeer in Iceland

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The East Fjords themselves

Driving the East Fjords is an experience on its own. Not having a special destination in mind, just driving and ending up in one of the places we have not mentioned is something we recommend. Maybe you will meet elves in Borgarfjörður Eystri. Maybe you will end up in Húsavík, not the one near Akureyri, but Húsavík in Vík where there’s a beautiful church. Or you might go to Hallormsstaðaskógur in Egilsstaðir, Iceland’s biggest forest. Oh yes, you read that right. A forest in Iceland. Go east!

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Iceland is full of amazing sites and the east is no exception. To find out more, we recommend our blogs on natural wonders and for some travel tips, our selection of practical information. 






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