New activities in Iceland in 2018

Icelanders love to innovate, and for the past few years, inventive ideas have been developed at the Startup Tourism accelerator. There, businesses or individuals work on their ideas with mentors and trainers, and the outcome is always interesting. So, naturally, when we wanted to see what’s new and interesting for travelers in Iceland in 2018, we looked to see what they’re up to.

Arctic surfing - Surf Iceland's Majestic Fjords!

Ok, how cool is this? Literally, very cool. One doesn’t necessarily link Iceland and surfing together, but apparently, you can go surfing in some of the fjords. Arctic surfers offer very exciting surf tours, SUP (stand up paddle) tours and snow tours like skiing and snowboarding.

arctic surfers - iceland activities 2018

Image from the Arctic Surfers website

The cave people

Less than 100 years ago, a few people in Iceland lived in cave houses. Now, you can book a tour to see how they lived and hear their stories. The Laugarvatnshellar caves are only a 40-minute drive from Reykjavík, and if you’re driving the Golden Circle, we recommend you do a little detour and visit.

The cave people - activities in Iceland 2018

Image from the Cave people website

Pure magic

This experience remains a little bit mysterious to us since the website is somewhat cryptic and doesn’t give away a lot of information. However, their immersive experience looks very exciting on the website. They ask if people are ready to leave their everyday life and experience an evening of myth and magic. Yes, please!  

Pure magic - Iceland activities in 2018

Image from the Pure magic Facebook page

Igloo camping

Ok, you’ve all heard of “glamping” right? It’s glamorous camping! Igloo camping in Iceland is exactly that. Their igloo-like tents are specifically made to withstand the Icelandic weather all year round. They come equipped with luxurious furniture and provide all modern creature comforts modern travelers need. The igloos even have a window on the roof, so people can watch the Northern Lights while laying down and relaxing. 

If you need other suggestions, we have a great selection of fun tours, including dogsledding and going into a secret ice cave!

Igloo camping - Activities in Iceland 2018

Image from the Igloo camping Facebook page






Lava Tour Horseriding

Lava Tour Horseriding

Get up close and personal with the lovely Icelandic horse. Not far from Reykjavík our trained guides will take you on a wonderful ride on friendly horses. You´ll see the amazing Icelandic nature! The riding paths lead through stunning scenery with green hills and lava fields.