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3 October 2018

River rafting in Iceland is as cool as it gets

River rafting in Iceland is a big thing. Over the years it has become increasingly popular and now, many tour operators have river rafting tours all over Iceland. You can go river rafting from Reykjavík, up north and in east Iceland, to name a few areas. Luckily, Iceland is filled with glacial rivers, canyons, and fantastic scenery. Whether you’d like to go with your family and children on a relatively smooth ride or get soaked in some heavy whitewater action, you´ll find something that suits you.

Yes, river rafting is as cool as it sounds

We say river rafting in Iceland is cool, literally and figuratively. First of all, it’s cool to have bragging rights. We don’t like to throw around the most overused phrase in the history of Iceland travel blogs: “The experience of a lifetime.” But, come on, it kind of is! You’re river rafting. In Iceland. It doesn’t get any cooler. Your friends will be jealous and secretly hate you.


Second of all, it’s cold! Of course, you´ll get a proper suit to wear but we can assure you that the glacial rivers are freezing cold. That being said, the river rafting tour operators in Iceland are very experienced, they provide great gear and facilities. So, you´ll be safe and relatively warm.


River rafting aaaand...

If you like combo tours, we can recommend the ATV riding and rafting tour. You´ll ride a quad bike with a guide and then ride down Hvítá river, which name literally translates to “White River”. Very appropriate.


There’s also the horse riding and rafting combo tour. It’s also on Hvítá river, but before rafting, you´ll get on a horse ride on an Icelandic horse.


There are lots of other rafting tours available all over the country, so if you want to do something wild on your trip to Iceland, check them out as well.

River rafting in Iceland
Image from Arctic Adventures