The Best Lobster Soup in Iceland

When you think about Icelandic food it might be the world-famous Icelandic hot dog, or shark or a singed sheep’s head but not lobster. But we do love lobster, we even have a lobster fast food truck in downtown Reykjavík!
However, we should give a small disclaimer. What Icelanders call a lobster is really langoustine. But do not mention it, it is the same thing as with our horses. They may be small, but they are horses, dammit!

The Lobster House

A restaurant that is literally named after the shellfish must have a lobster soup, and you would be right in thinking so.
The restaurant is one of the better places to get lobster in Reykjavík. It does not only serve lobster, so if your date is not keen on lobster or lobster soup, it is possible to choose between scallops, reindeer, lamb, horse meat, trout and more.
lobster soup


Sægreifinn, or the Sea Baron, boldly claims to sell the best lobster soup in the world. We cannot verify that, but it is very, very good.
Unlike the Lobster House, you will mostly be able to buy fish at this restaurant. Still, they offer quite the range from trout, salmon, ling, scallops, salmon, blue ling, scallops, torsk, cod, catfish, plaice and more. 
Vestrahorn mountain in east Iceland


Höfn in Hornafjörður is the home of the lobster in Iceland. They even hold a Lobster Festival the last week of June every year and has been held since 1993.
The best place to have a lobster soup in Höfn would be during the Lobster Festival in June. Still, if you cannot go at that time we recommend the restaurant Humarhöfnin, it is the only restaurant in Iceland where you can get whole lobster. But there are also other dishes on the menu for you to try, such as lamb shanks, cod and vegetarian dishes.
But if you do have the chance to visit the Lobster Festival, we highly recommend it in one of our cars!
If you want to try out more food in Iceland, you can read more about delicious cuisine in Iceland in our blogs on Icelandic culture. There you may also find other practical information, made to assist you with planning the best trip possible. 






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