The Most Beautiful Nature Hikes in Iceland

Around 2 million tourists visit Iceland every year. But many miss out on a top activity that Iceland has on offer: hiking. 

Iceland is known for its natural beauty and unique landscapes. Natural geothermal baths have the backdrop of snow-covered volcanoes, which arise from the endless ice plains. There are also many waterfalls, black beaches, glaciers, and wildlife to discover. 

So, why not enjoy Icelandic nature by hiking? Read on for five hikes in Iceland you must add to your list.

Mount Esja Iceland

1. Mount Esja

Mount Esja is one of the best day hikes in Iceland and one of the most accessible. Enjoy views over the Atlantic Ocean and of the capital, Reykjavík, which is less than an hour's drive away. The hike takes around two to three hours up to the summit of approximately 900 meters.

It is an easy hike but can get steep at times. Avoid hiking when visibility is poor or there has been a snowfall. Always check the weather forecast before attempting Iceland hikes. 

2. Laugavegur 

If you have to pick one of the multi-day Iceland hikes, pick the Laugavegur Trail. It is 34 miles, which is 55 km, and people take four days to complete it on average. It is only accessible between June and September; the mountain huts close when winter is coming.

The best part about the Laugavegur Trail is the variety of landscapes you experience. Take in the array of colors, hot springs, lava fields, and volcanoes. 

3. Glymur Waterfall

Glymur Waterfall hike also makes it to the list of the best day hikes in Iceland. It has a height of 198 meters and incredible views of Iceland. The 3-4 hour trail is also an adventure, as you cross two rivers and walk through a cave up the moss-filled cliffs to the viewpoint. 

You also have the choice of returning the same way or hiking down the other side of the ravine. The trail is 4.3 miles (6.9 km).


4. Bláhnúkur Brennisteinsalda Loop

Landmannalaugar is one of the centers for hikes in Iceland. This day route is one of the best, which combines two popular walks; Mt. Blahnúkúr and Mt. Brennisteinsalda. Wander through lava fields, enjoy colorful landscapes, and summit two mountains. 

It is 6 miles (9.7 km) and strenuous, with an ascent of 610 meters. It takes between four to six hours to hike. 

5. Fimmvörðuháls 

If the Laugavegur trail sounds appealing but you are short on time, you can opt for the Fimmvörduháls trek. It also has incredible scenery and starts at one of Iceland's top tourist spots: the Skógafoss waterfall. The 15.5 miles (25km) hike takes one to two days on average.

lonely hiker in Iceland

Enjoy the Best Hikes in Iceland

There are many hikes in Iceland to suit all tastes and abilities. Day hikes are best if you are looking for winter hikes in Iceland because daylight only lasts three to six hours. You can also try a glacier hike.

The best way to enjoy Iceland hikes and Icelandic nature is by car. If you need an Iceland car rental or tour guidance, contact us. Blue Car Rental is here to help make your dream trip a reality. 

You can also find useful information in our blogs about natural wonders and our selection of practical information. 








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