Traveling to Iceland? Here's Everything You'll Want to Do!

Located between Greenland and the United Kingdom, Iceland is a country filled with magical experiences. The country's volcanic landscape is lush, green, and packed with fjords and meadows. In fact, there are so many wonderful excursions to enjoy here that you'll need to run a pretty tight itinerary if you want to fit everything in. Without further ado, here is our selective guide to the country's must-see spots and must-do activities.


Tour Iceland's Popular Microbreweries

Iceland's microbrewery scene is a newer addition to the country's extensive menu of attractions, and Reykjavík is home to several premier establishments. The menu at Lady Brewery, for example, has over 15 different sampling options available. RVK Brewing Company, a quaint tap room located in an unassuming rectangular building, is also quite popular among Reykjavík locals. The country's capital city, however, isn't the only place in Iceland with a burgeoning collection of microbreweries. In the West Fjords, you'll be able to get your fill of delightful craft beers by visiting the charming town of Ísafjörður.

Northern Lights in Iceland

Take in the Northern Lights During Winter

If we had to choose one Iceland experience that stands out among all others, it would have to be viewing the aurora borealis on a cloudless winter night. Caused by solar wind interacting with the native magnetic field of our planet, these dazzling lights fill the evening sky with spectacular shades of purple, red, green, and more. Amazing places to see the Northern Lights in Iceland include:

  • Hella - Located roughly 60 miles outside of Reykjavík, this tiny town provides an intimate viewing place to watch streaks of enchanting hues race across the Iceland skies.
  • Skógar - Home to a permanent population of less than one hundred people, this village is among the quietest viewing locations that you can find.
  • Vík - The village of Vík sits on Iceland's southern tip. If you're viewing the aurora borealis from the village's signature black beach, then you'll have an unobstructed view with zero additional lights to distract you.

Tour the Backcountry With Sleigh Dogs

Most people are familiar with the whale-watching tours available on Iceland's famous fjords, but did you know that Lake Mývatn is home to rugged sleigh dogs that can pull you through the water's surrounding tundra? After your time with the sleigh dogs, hop on a Ski-Doo snowmobile and traverse Iceland's southern glaciers. For even more fun out at sea, book a kayaking tour in Stykkishólmur, a paddleboarding afternoon in Akureyri, and a jetski adventure along the cliffs of Ólafsfjarðarmúli in Ólafsfjörður.   

volcano in Iceland

Hike Around One (or More) of Iceland's Living Volcanoes

Iceland's volcanoes are majestic, picturesque, and active. At least one volcano in the country erupts approximately once every 1,000 days. Although the Hekla volcano, reputed to be the most lively in the country, hasn't erupted in over 20 years, it stands more than 4,900 feet tall and provides a dominating presence that dares you to put your hiking prowess to the test. 

Of Course, You'll Need a Car!

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Panorama ATV tour

Panorama ATV tour

Iceland is the perfect place to ride an ATV in. The Panorama ATV tour will take you up between Húsafell and Fiskidalsfjall mountains along beautiful lava and black volcanic sand. After that, your guide takes you up mount Hagafell, where you´ll have the perfect view over the Blue Lagoon and the Eldey island.