What to do in Iceland in the spring of 2019?

Easter is approaching soon. For some citizens of the world that means summer is arriving. But in Iceland that says SPRING is coming. Of course, the Icelandic seasons are tricky, but for your convenience, we've listed a few activities to do in spring in Iceland.

Celebrate the first day of summer

First day of summer in Iceland

Actually, it's become kind of a joke that we celebrate the first day of summer in April. Often when it's either raining or snowing. Icelanders still love getting together and taking part in parades, events and outside sports. Yes, even when they shake from the cold and rain. The day is celebrated the first Thursday after April 18th and comes from the old Norse calendar. We celebrate the day all around the country, and it's the perfect thing to do for all ages in spring in Iceland.

Visit a farm

Farms in Iceland

If you want to learn about and meet some Icelandic animals, the spring is a perfect time to visit. Since it's 'sauðburður' or lamb birthing season, you can see all kinds of baby animals like lambs (of course), foals, kittens, piglets, and puppies. Iceland's farms may also differ from the ranches you might see elsewhere in the world. They usually consist of a small home, a barn, a farm owned field, and a sheep- or cowshed. There are many farms around Iceland that offer tourist visits like Bjarteyjarsandur and Daladýrð.

Go fish!

Go fish in Iceland

Good news! Fishing season starts on April 1st. As you might know, Icelanders are a fishing nation. And although we export most of the seafood we catch, river and lake fishing is very popular. We only have three edible fish species in freshwater here in Iceland. But that's okay because they are so delicious. The species are Brown trout, Arctic char and of course the most popular one, the Atlantic salmon. The salmon is considered best when caught fresh, and food critics regard the wild salmon as a delicacy. Gordon Ramsay even goes on trips to Iceland to catch some of this fantastic fish!






Lava Tour Horseriding

Lava Tour Horseriding

Get up close and personal with the lovely Icelandic horse. Not far from Reykjavík our trained guides will take you on a wonderful ride on friendly horses. You´ll see the amazing Icelandic nature! The riding paths lead through stunning scenery with green hills and lava fields.