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9 April 2018

When is spring in Iceland? Icelandic seasons explained

When is spring in Iceland? Sometimes it feels like: Never.

But that’s not true. It’s in late March until the middle of June, but instead of the four regular seasons, Iceland’s seasons are as follows:

  • Dark and cold winter
  • More hours of sun bring a little hope
  • Dreams of spring crushed by snow and ice
  • A new hope with a few rays of sunshine and two strands of green grass spotted
  • Sleet
  • Almost spring
  • Cold, fake spring
  • Warmer spring with dandelions and need for sunglasses
  • Summer comes out of nowhere and Icelanders wish they bought a car with air conditioning
  • Summer somehow reverts to cold spring
  • Real summer with festivals, shorts and camping trips
  • Early autumn storm blows tents away
  • Back to summer, but this time with skepticism and denial
  • Leaves start falling off trees
  • Real autumn
  • All leaves get blown off trees in an autumn storm
  • It gets darker every day
  • Birds fly away to warmer countries
  • Old people fly away to warmer countries
  • Everyone else gets a little SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Snow makes the world look a little brighter
  • Back to good old dark and cold winter

Just in case it’s not clear, we’re joking. Iceland has lovely seasons, each one with its charm. We’re fans of all the seasons.
Spring in Iceland is wonderful, even if we get some cold days. In springtime it’s already very bright outside, most of the roads are clear, except for a few mountain roads, the grass is getting greener and leaves are growing on trees. People are happy, birds are singing, and attractions are open and accessible.
We highly recommend that you visit Iceland in the springtime!

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When is spring in Iceland?