When to Travel to Iceland?

A simple question like ‘when to travel to Iceland’ deserves a simple answer so we'll do our best:


You should travel to Iceland at any time. All of the seasons have their charm. They also have their pros and cons. So, when to travel to Iceland depends on your budget and personal preference!

We´ll try to help you figure it out

Let’s go through some scenarios so you can picture in your mind when it really suits you to come to Iceland.

The glorious and short summertime in Iceland

Do you like nice(ish) weather, don’t mind paying a tiny bit more for high season prices and don’t mind crowds? Do you want to experience bright summer nights? Come during summer: June - August.

It’s arguably the best time to see Iceland because of the weather. But because it’s the high season you can expect more road traffic and huge crowds at the main natural attractions. But if you’re really into hiking, camping and not a fan of the cold, the summer season is your best bet.

Iceland in the summer


The (mostly) nice shoulder seasons

Do you want to have a tiny chance of seeing northern lights, don’t mind missing the midnight sun and can deal with a little bit of rain? Might want to save a little money? Come during the so-called shoulder seasons: April - May or September - October.

In the shoulder seasons, you can often find good deals on trips to Iceland. The weather is an x-factor during this time (as it always is, really) and you might get anything from sunny and nice weather up to rain and sleet.

Iceland in the autumn

The somewhat more difficult winter season

Are you the adventurous type that doesn’t mind (possibly) crazy weather, darkness, and cold? Do you like winter activities and want to see a different side of Iceland than in the perfect, green pictures? Would you like a chance to see the northern lights and bathe in a warm pool or hot tub in the snow? Come during winter: November - April.  

Speaking of x-factors. The Icelandic winter weather is so fickle you never know what you’re going to get. Maybe it´ll be bright and beautiful, and maybe roads will be closed due to winter storms. There’s just no way of knowing in advance!


We hope this helps you choose when to travel to Iceland! Whenever you come, we'll be happy to see you!






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