Where are the best burgers in Reykjavík

The first thing you need to know about burgers in Iceland is that we don't really do fast-food burgers. You can find them, but we do not have any McDonald's or Burger Kings in Iceland. They all went bankrupt because why buy that when you can get gourmet burgers for not that much more money?

The second thing you need to know about burgers in Iceland is that Icelanders love burgers. You can get them at most restaurants, and they are usually always delicious.

The third thing you need to know about burgers in Iceland is that they are not cheap. The cheapest ones cost around 1000 ISK (7 euros), and they go up to over 3000 ISK (22 euros). Usually, they cost between 2300-2600 ISK (17-19 euros).

burgers on a grill

So, where are the best burgers in Reykjavík?

For your fast-food type hamburgers, we recommend you check out Block Burgers. In our opinion, the accompaniments are just as important as the burger itself. And the fries at Block Burgers are some of the best fries in town.

If you want a little bit more than just a fast-food burger, check out Le Cock. Again, the fries are to die for. You can choose between a few varieties, and they are all equally good. 

For gourmet burgers, Sæta Svínið has some next-level hamburgers in our opinion. They are all made from premium rump steaks and short ribs, but you can also get vegan burgers as well that are made of sweet potatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds and quinoa.

But the best vegan burgers in town is the spicy seitanic burgers at Veganæs. Even if you love meat burgers more than life itself, these are worth trying. 

Honourable mentions

As we have already said, Icelanders love hamburgers, and there are a plethora of other good places to try out; Prikið, Lebowski, Dirty Burgers and Ribs, Hamborgarabúllan, and Vitabar.






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Panorama ATV tour

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