Land Rover Discovery 5

Land Rover Discovery 5, is a premium large SUV that seamlessly blends off-road capability with luxurious comfort and advanced technology. Renowned for its versatile design and impressive capabilities, the Discovery 5 caters to both urban driving and rugged adventures, making it a popular choice for those seeking a vehicle that can handle diverse terrains and environments.


5 Doors
5 Luggages
5 Passengers

Special features

Heated seats
12v Plug in
6.2 L/100km


Land Rover aims to balance power and efficiency to suit the Discovery's diverse range of capabilities. 

It features a sophisticated four-wheel-drive system, multiple terrain response modes, and optional features like adjustable air suspension and low-range gearing

Generally, the Discovery 5's fuel efficiency can range from around 6.2L per 100km in combined city and highway driving. However, fuel consumption varies based on factors like, driving conditions, and driving style.


Equipped with the latest infotainment and technology features, the Discovery 5 offers an exceptional driving experience. A large touchscreen display serves as the central hub for navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings. Including smartphone integration, advanced navigation systems, and premium sound systems to keep passengers connected and entertained on the road.

True to Land Rover's heritage, the Discovery 5 is equipped with advanced off-road capabilities. These components enable the Discovery 5 to conquer challenging terrains, making it an ideal companion for off-road adventures.


Inside the Discovery 5, is interior that reflects Land Rover's commitment to luxury and craftsmanship.

Designed to comfortably accommodate five passengers across. The second rows can be configured in various ways to optimize passenger comfort or cargo space. The SUV's intuitive folding seats and ample legroom ensure that long journeys remain comfortable for all occupants.

All our prices include:
CDW, SCDW, TP, GP insurances, unlimited mileage,
VAT and studded tires during winter.