Super Jeep rental

Planning on spending some time in the highlands of Iceland. Why not rent your very own super jeep. This year we will be offering the legendary yet brand new Land Rover Defender and to top it off we will also offer a changed and lifted version of the ever popular Toyota HiLux, fitted with 33“ wheels and everything you need for the true super jeep experience.

The Land Rover Defender has been known for years as the most loyal and reliable vehicle on the market. It can take you through most rivers or streams in Iceland and to the highest points of the highlands as well. Adding to that, our brand new cars will be a part of the last ever production batch of the Defender so use the oppurtunity and try out this legendary car in the circumstances it was simply made for, before it is too late.

If there was ever to be a car that never broke down, it would be the Toyota HiLux. Known for its persistance, this car just keeps on driving, no matter the obstacles, weather or roughness of the roads. Then fit it with a 33“ wheels, lift it even higher and change it accordingly and you got your very own super jeep and nothing will stop you. If you are looking for the true highland experience, the Toyota HiLux is the best choice possible and Blue Car Rental is the first and only car rental in Iceland to offer this option of your very own super jeep.