Our Fleet


We acknowledge that your experience in Iceland can rely heavily on your rental car. 

Most customers of Blue Car Rental do the ring-road trip around the island. When driving more then two thousand kilometers in a short period, you need a reliable rental car.

That is why Blue Car Rental only purchases new cars and our fleet consists only of rental cars that are 2018-2019 model. We offer a wide range of rental car options. Everything between a small economy city car to a large SUV fit for river crossing and the F-Roads   and even top of the line luxury rental cars.

4x4 cars are the most popular choice of rental car for travelling in Iceland. Blue Car Rental has a wide selection of 4x4 cars, including the surprisingly good Dacia Duster, Suzuki Grand Vitara and the king of the F-Roads, Toyota Land Cruiser.

For those travelling on a budget, we do offer a selection of older model rental cars, which have been in our fleet for a longer time and have experienced all the obsticles of Iceland.

You can find actual pictures of all of our rental cars here under more photos. 

We also have pictures of our fleet with some more information on our facebook page. Feel free to connect with us there for quick and interactive communications. 


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