Breakdown and emergency

Breakdowns and Emergency 

Breakdowns and other emergencies can unexpectedly occur on the road. In such unfortunate situations it is important to react correctly.  

The first step is to secure the vehicle and passengers' safety. If possible, find a safe place to park.  Use hazard lights and place the red triangle behind the car. The rule of thumb is one step (a meter) for each km/h allowed on the road. 

Always contact Blue Car Rental and notify about the situation. Our 24 hours breakdown service is ready to assist any time. 

Through our Safe Travel app customers can share their location. In the app is also a map where customers can find the nearest assistance. 

This will speed up the assistance process and save valuable travel time.  

In case of accidents 

In case of an accident here are a few things to guide you through the process. 

  1. Make sure everyone is okay. In case of injuries call 112 and ask for the Police or an ambulance If there are no injuries, we kindly ask you to fill out an Accident Statement with the driver of the other car. The statement should be in your glove compartment. If not check if the other driver has a copy. 
  2. If for some reason, there is a disagreement between you and the other driver we recommend that you call 112 and request the Police. 
  3. Fill out every part of the statement. A properly filled in statement is vital and could be a key factor in whether you will eventually have to pay for the damage 
  4. The most important part is that both drivers sign the statement. The statement is in duplicate so both drivers will receive a copy 

Even though you opted for the Liability Waiver it is important that every accident is reported. 

Pictures often say more than words so it might be a clever idea to take pictures of the scene, which gives us at Blue Car Rental and the insurance company a good indication of what happened