Travelling during the winter time in Iceland is a completely different experience. It almost feels like you are experiencing a different country between the summer and the winter. The landmarks and attractions simply do not look the same when in their winter costume. The same goes for driving your rental car during the winter time. Conditions can change within an instant and the wind speed of a wind blast can easily exceed the speed of a hurricane.

While driving your rental car in snow can often be quite amusing, it is at the same time very challenging and requires focus from the driver as well as a great deal of respect for the rental car and the road. The snowy conditions are however not the trickiest part of driving your rental car during the winter time. Most accidents occur due to ice on the road. To provide our customers with as much security as possible, we at Blue Car Rental will provide studded winter tires on all of our rental cars from 1st of November until 15th of April. Our goal is to make our customers feel secure while driving our rental cars and nothing is then more important than the tires of the car. Along with this, Blue Car Rental offers all insurances for free (TP,GP,CDW,SCDW) for your added security and care free vacation.

Quick tip for winter travelling: During the winter time, most car accidents occur when the temperature is around 0°C. The reason for that is called black ice, when the ice on the road is not visible and the road looks ice free. Pay special attention to the road conditions when the temperature is around freezing.

From the 1st of November until the 15th of April, all of our rental cars will have studded winter tires.

Iceland Winter Driving Travel Tip

Winter is a great time to travel in Iceland. Witnessing an extraordinary scenery of a winter wonderland under the Northern Lights. Although conditions can be challenging, winter driving in Iceland is a unique experience like no other. 

Careful planning and awareness of conditions is vital to ensuring a safe journey in Iceland.

This video contains important travel tips about winter driving in Iceland. Wheather you're chasing the Northern Lights or seeing Iceland's most popular sights in their beautiful winter uniform.