Can you see the Northern Lights in Iceland in October?

Yes, you can absolutely see the beautiful Aurora / Northern lights in Iceland in October! ***

Why is October ideal for Northern Lights viewing?

We actually recommend October as the perfect month to see the Northern Lights in Iceland because there isn’t as much snow and ice over everything as November to February. In October, the sky in Iceland is dark enough, the weather is cold enough, and the clouds tend not to loom over everything as much as some other months. So there’s less chance that roads will be closed, and you can get to your preferred Aurora-viewing destination more quickly.

Northern Lights in Iceland

*** There are no guarantees, but the hunt is fun

Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll see the Northern lights, just think of it as a bonus to your already fantastic trip to Iceland! The conditions have to be right for you to see them. First of all, the sky needs to be clear since you can’t see them through clouds. Secondly, there has to be enough solar activity because the Northern Lights are, in fact, solar winds that hit the earth’s magnetosphere. Who knew that science could be so pretty. 

Think of Northern lights hunting like a sort of treasure hunt. You can look at the Aurora forecast the good people at the Icelandic Met Office provide. There, you´ll see if you can drive to an excellent viewing spot that has a good forecast. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a small piece of paradise. Imagine being all alone out in the beautiful countryside, quietly staring at the sky. It’s perfect, right?

Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Driving in Iceland in October

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A rental car will indeed increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. So, remember to book with Blue Car Rental before going hunting for the Northern Lights in Iceland.






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