Driving in Iceland
23 November 2018

Driving in Iceland in January and February

If you are planning to visit Iceland in January or February DO read on...

The basics of renting a car in Iceland

When you rent out a car in Iceland you must present a valid driver’s licence. The license must be valid for one year at the time of rental.

You must be 20 years old to rent a passenger car and at least 23 years old to drive a 4WD or a minibus.

It is punishable by law to drive while intoxicated.

Driving in Iceland

Iceland has it’s fair number of gravel roads and single road crossing bridges. This might look a bit primitive to most travelers but it’s all a part of the charm baby!

January and February are Iceland’s coldest months. Chances are there will be snow, wind and freezing cold temperatures. If you are lucky you will have plenty of snowy-instagrammable- days. But all that beauty comes with the challenges of driving in winter conditions. Most of our roads are not made for driving fast.

Here are the main things to keep in mind;

  • Always wear your seatbelt. Seriously, always.

  • Keep the main lights of the car always on when you are driving.

  • Never ever exceed the speed limit.

  • Check road.is or safe travel.is for weather and road conditions.

  • Only stop at designated parking spaces, never at the side of the road.

Iceland Academy is a government-sponsored initiative to educate visitors to Iceland on different subjects like going swimming, how to dress correctly and, most importantly driving.

Picture: still image from Iceland Academy. We recommend taking a few of the Academies classes, they can be of great help.

Another great instruction video is this one by the Icelandic Transport Authorities.

Good luck and stay safe!