The Top 4 Best Hikes in Iceland

Iceland is a paradise for hikers, no matter what their skill level is. It's not easy to pick the top 5 hikes in Iceland but we tried to select a variety of the most popular ones. Of course, the most popular one right now is the hike up to the Geldingadalir volcano, but there are other classics like the hike to Glymur in Hvalfjörður, the Laugavegur hike and more!

The Geldingadalir Volcano hiking paths

The Geldingadalir Volcano hike is something we highly recommend these days while the volcano is still active. There are different hiking paths available and some of them are more difficult than others. Not all of them bring you to see the crater itself but instead take you up to the edge of fresh lava that is still warm. We recommend visiting to see the path and estimate if the conditions for the hike are good. They´ll let you know if there are any dangers like fumes/gas etc.

Hike to Glymur in Hvalfjörður

The hike up to Glymur waterfall is a classic in Iceland, considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the country. The hike up to this second-highest waterfall in Iceland can be a real challenge because it's a steep hike with river crossings, but it's beautiful and breathtaking. This hike can be quite strenuous so we recommend taking some breaks here and there and going well equipped with good hiking boots.

The Laugavegur hike

Laugavegur is one of the most popular hiking routes in Iceland and goes between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk. It can be a bit exhausting so be prepared to walk a lot for up to 4 days! The hike is so popular for a good reason. It has some very striking scenery along the way and strangely contradicting and colorful natural elements. For this hike, we recommend doing some research, booking accommodation, etc.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Known for its dramatic coastline, Snæfellsnes Peninsula offers varied hiking in every direction. The most popular hike there is probably between Hellnar and Arnarstapi. But there are loads more to see there, like the Snæfellsjökull glacier and the Berserkjahraun lava field which is, in fact, our favorite!  

Hopefully, our list of the best hiking in Iceland can help you choose the perfect hike for you! These are the best hikes in Iceland, according to hiker’s reviews and experience from our staff at Blue car rental, so if you want to explore new territory, pick one of these hikes to add to your bucket list!

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Blue Ice Experience

Blue Ice Experience

Take an easy 2-hour walk on the tongue of Svinafellsjokull outlet glacier. It's located in the beautiful Skaftafell National Park. You´ll walk on crampons on what is an outlet glacier of the enormous Vatnajokull glacier. The Svinafellsjokull glacier tongue has stunning views, and the scenery you´ll enjoy on the walk are simply breathtaking.