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27 February 2020

Things to do in Iceland in March

March is soon upon us! Spring will hopefully start to spring up, the days are getting brighter, and the temperatures are slowly rising.

March is a good shoulder-season month to visit Iceland. March is still winter in Iceland, despite much brighter days than in January, for example, so remember to pack your winter clothes.

There are many things you can see and do in March, and we have put together a fun list of three things to do in this shoulder month!

Shoplifter – Reykjavík Art Museum

This is a bit different. Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir is a world-renowned Icelandic artist who mostly makes installations from fake hair. We know, it does sound a bit unsavoury, but it is pretty awesome. Last year she took part in the Venice Biennale and got rave reviews!

Chromo Sapiens is an installation of three rooms with music from Icelandic metal band HAM. The rooms are called Primal Opus, Astral Gloria and Opium Natura. The best part about the exhibition is that you can touch it. You can lie, roll and cuddle it. It is quite the experience, so if you have time before the 19th of March, we highly recommend you check it out!


Oh yes, do like Icelanders and have ice-cream during winter! Even better if there is a storm. There are many, many ice-cream shops all around Iceland. It is usually also possible to buy ice cream at petrol stations!

Amazing northern lights

Northern Lights

There are a few great things about the shoulder season. One is that there are a bit fewer tourists around, so more space to enjoy. Another is that you get long days, with over 10 hours of daylight. And the third thing is that you can still see the Northern Lights! Oh yes! Check out the Northern Lights forecast on the website of the Icelandic Met Office and go hunting!