Travel to Iceland: A Beginners Guide to Culture in Iceland

Did you know that 65% of the population of Iceland lives in the capital city of Reykjavik?

While many tourists may think that’s the city they need to visit, Iceland has so much more to offer. From beautiful landscapes to literal natural wonders, Iceland has it all. This is why seeing Iceland by road is one of the best experiences you could ever dream of.

hiker in Iceland

Iceland has a collection of stunning waterfalls and hot springs that makes road tripping a year-round attraction. Even if nature isn’t your thing, Iceland is full of culture and history that will keep you entertained and amazed throughout your stay.

Looking for a complete guide to visiting Iceland? You’ve found it. Here’s a beginner’s guide to culture in Iceland. 

The History of Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic-Island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. This island country is home to only 366,000 people, with around 65% of them living in the capital city. Iceland is predominantly Christian, with 89% of the population being of Icelandic descent.

The island is known to be one of the last parts of the world to ever be inhabited by humans, arriving as late as the 9th century. While Iceland was originally part of the Commonwealth, the country became an independent republic in 1944.

Iceland Culture

Iceland is rich in natural beauty and culture. However, some of the best sites and cultural locations in Iceland are often overlooked. Iceland is full of amazing local communities and cultures that tourists don’t get the chance to enjoy when they visit the island.

This is why many people suggest to rather drive through Iceland as driving allows you to see Iceland through the eyes of a local. Driving allows you to stop in smaller towns along the way to meet and mingle with the locals.

Icelandic people are incredibly friendly and eager to share their culture and beliefs with tourists. Being direct descendants of the Norse and Gaelic settlers, you’re bound to learn a few myths along the way as well.

Icelandic Skyr

Food in Iceland

The food in Iceland is fairly unique as well. Icelandic cuisine includes important proteins such as lamb, dairy, and fish. There is also a growing trend within Iceland to cook healthier, eco-friendly meals using natural geothermal heat as well.

Popular food in Iceland includes skyr, a cultured dairy product, hangikjöt, smoked lamb, and kleinur, a fried pastry. Iceland also hosts an annual food festival where competitors from around the country gather to create innovative dishes with local ingredients.

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Blue Ice Experience

Blue Ice Experience

Take an easy 2-hour walk on the tongue of Svinafellsjokull outlet glacier. It's located in the beautiful Skaftafell National Park. You´ll walk on crampons on what is an outlet glacier of the enormous Vatnajokull glacier. The Svinafellsjokull glacier tongue has stunning views, and the scenery you´ll enjoy on the walk are simply breathtaking.